Monday, February 2, 2009

Music Monday - The Jazz Cafe-London

This morning I listened to the news and learned of the wintry storm (read blizzard) that has literally brought London to a screeching halt. Any one who has lived in London can attest to the world class and updated snow removal equipment in place - NOT!
The snow storm which is the heaviest in 18 years led Mayor Boris Johnson to make the following comment:
" This is the right kind of snow, it's just the wrong kind of quantities ."
The snow also caused a Cyprus Airways flight to slip off a taxiway at Heathrow, leaving its front wheel stuck in grass. Fortunately no one was hurt.

see the story

All this thinking about London made me think of the good times I had there -

"For Queen and Country" of course!

I reminisced a bit about a place called the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London.

There I saw Swing Out Sister live and in person! They put on a great show.
Here's a cut from a few years back dedicated to all those who are waiting for the snow to melt.
I hope you enjoy it.

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Jane Turley said...

Oh, I'd forgotten about Swing Out Sister; they were pretty good!

Are you, Mister Intrepid, implying our snow removal equipment is outdated??! How dare you Sir! It is an insult upon Her Majesty's transportation service! Such high treason is punishable with a duel with HRH's loyal and trusted maidservant Miss Jane!

Choose your weapon of choice Sir, your destiny awaits!

(Um... just had a Cadbury's Caramel bar - it's having an effect.)

intrepidideas said...

I've been blogging for over a year now. I figured I'd eventually insult someone. I suppose a simple "I'm sorry" won't cut it. I guess I'll have to stand up and take my punishment.

I'll choose the Joust to settle this dispute. I'll even allow you to pick a champion to represent you. Do you want the guy in the hat? Or the guy without a hat?

Footsteps said...

~Wasn't very familiar with this group (there's about a ten year blur in my life where I was moving too much and taking care of my babies). I missed out! Nice sound that kind of bounces right into the middle of you...

Chris said...

I like your song choice! I'd never heard it before.

I had no idea that London was blanketed under snow this week! I going to go look up some pics online. I bet that was really something!

I always think it is somewhat amusing to go to a city where they can't cope (sorry Jane!) with snow. I guess I just grew up with too much of it once we moved to Ohio! :)

Chris said...

Sorry, but I am laughing! EIGHT INCHES! That's all. Just 8 inches of snow! HA! Sorry, but I find that HILARIOUS!

I feel really bad for all the people stuck in it, of course.

Jane Turley said...

Why the hat Sire; one with a feather!

But Miss Jane always fights her own battles so I will mount my gallant steed and hold my lance poised for a fight to the death!

Now if only I could get my leg over the horse....


8 inches is nothing to be laughed at. I fear you have been spoiled.
(Miss Jane chuckles....)

intrepidideas said...

Footsteps, you said:
"I missed out"
Oh no, I don't think so. You were doing the fun and important stuff. Taking care of your babies. You can go back and listen to all of the music of that time if you want to but you can't go back and reclaim the time you would have missed with "your babies." Just my two cents....

intrepidideas said...


Thanks for the vist... Can you believe this Miss Jane (snickers)? Crying over a lousy 8 inches. We should stick her in Up State New York for a few months in winter. What do you think? Now I've got to go off and joust with her. Oh what will I do?