Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make it a Double Please!

As much as I'd like a double "vodka" today, I'm gonna pass. I'll save it up for the weekend. But on a different note, Los Angeles is all "a buzz" today following the recent announcement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy revealed that it would double the number of nominees for the best-picture Academy Award to 10 from 5, returning to a practice it used more than 50 years ago. Does that mean that we're going to see better movies hitting the big screen in the future? Probably not. But it does mean a lot more movies will be sporting the title "Nominated for Best Picture." To be precise, 5 more movies each year will hold that title. Do you think it dilutes the prestige of the nomination? I haven't decided yet but I do think it means that the competition and decision-making process may be a little more complicated. I know I usually find it more difficult to decide when the number of options is large. It's easy for me to decide between chocolate and vanilla ice cream but when you throw in 30 plus additional flavors.... look out! That's when I have to order more than one scoop!

Anyway, Let's stroll back in time to 1939. (a random year, nothing to do with the 50 years I spoke of earlier) A great year for movies. A year that celebrated exceptional movies including:

"Gone With The Wind" starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh and directed by Victor Fleming

A time when 10 films were up for the award for Best Picture.

The Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Picture went to Gone with the Wind.! It beat out 9 other movies - Dark Victory, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Love Affair, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Ninotchka, Of Mice and Men, Stagecoach, The Wizard of Oz and Wuthering Heights. All, very successful movies.

Now how many of you have seen all 10 of theses movies? I can only remember seeing 5 of them. I'll have to watch the other 5 for comparison. I'm sure they're good! If you're bored, try to watch all 10 of them. If you're still bored, scroll through this list:

AFI's 100 Years…100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition)

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