Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just Imagine....

Imagine one day you're at sea, sailing... sailing ... sailing.... away.

Life is pleasant and peaceful. Picture yourself parked on something like this:

There's lots of activity around you. All the people are laughing and having fun.

The next thing you know you're no longer sailing. In a millisecond, all that you had in front of you has vanished.... You're now holding on frantically to the only thing in sight - a small piece of driftwood; the only remnant of the posh life you left behind you hours ago.

You look around in all directions but there's no one or nothing in sight.

You look to the North.....

Here's your view:

You look to the South, here's what you see:

The East and the West yield similar views.

You focus on the horizon and hope for the best. Your mind starts to make a mental note of the rhythm of the waves as you stare and imagine each speck is not merely a figment of your imagination but actually a ship coming to rescue you from impending doom......

A few days ago, I parked myself in front of the above view for a few hours. Partnered with a good book, some water and shade I felt that I had truly found paradise. I felt so relaxed. Too relaxed if you will.

Never one to be encumbered by routine.... I think I relaxed myself into a state of confusion. I stopped at one point and actually drifted into fantasy. I wondered..... what would it be like to be stranded at sea. Nothing around me for miles. No telephones, traffic, loud music, or television. Not even the simple familiar pattern of speech to occupy my attention. Nothing but the sound of the water and the wind blowing over my head. The pain from the sun baking my exposed skin is interrupted by the occasional relief of a bird flying by and blocking the suns' powerful rays, if only for a second. The monotony is broken only when I stop thinking about the threat from above and focus on the predators below the surface of the water. I realize that the bleeding scrape on my shin is more than just a stinging reminder of the salt water around me but a crimson invitation to deadly creatures in all directions. My fear of what lies beneath the surface of the water takes a second place to the fact that there's no water to drink and no one around to share my misery and desperation. Every minute that passes brings me a flash memory of loved ones, friends, family, and the simple comforts that I've grown accustomed to. I struggle to stay afloat.... my arms and legs tire but I keep kicking and paddling.... never giving up hope!

Yikes... Enough of this nightmare.

Time for some coffee and a muffin!

And back to the good life!

Have a beautiful Day!

Do make the best of it!


Jane Turley said...

So you have been out in a dingy after all Mr I - Your description is so good it can't just be your imagination:)

Hmm, I think you're just pretending to be on a luxury cruise! Perhaps you're paddling, rather than flying, to the UK so that when you get here you can still afford to buy me a muffin in Harrods:)) I won't settle for anything less than a chocolate chip one you know - I've got expensive tastes!

Have a lovely relaxing hols Mr I - beautiful sunset on your previous post:))

Chris said...

Gorgeous pics and I love the descriptions...but it doesn't seem like you were RELAXING!!! :)

intrepidideas said...

Miss Jane, you've been spying on me again. It could take a while for me to get there paddling and all, but when I reach the UK, I'll be hungry and thirsty. :) I'll want a little more than just a chocolate chip muffin. But we've got a deal. Thanks for stopping by.

intrepidideas said...

Hey Chris, believe it or not, I did find time to relax. :) How are things with you? Still hot?

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

My imagination takes me on those kinds of journeys too! I like to figure out how I'd get through the crisis to sail on another ship again. It is startling to realize how instantly luxuriating moments can evaporate without the man made niceties (like boats)!

intrepidideas said...

Hey Heather... Welcome back. How was your trip? Don't you just love the water?