Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Creative Ideas, Food Replicators and 3-D Printing

Call me .....   "Late to the Picnic."  I really can't believe my eyes sometimes.  Advancements in technology continue to surprise, engage, and impress me.  And remember, I'm supposed to be a forward thinker.  The latest piece of technology to WOW me is an item that's actually been around for a few years.  The 3D Printer.  Now many of you are quite familiar with 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, and you surely have a great understanding of the potential of these devices and technology.  Others of you are wondering..  "What's with all of the hype? My inkjet printer works fine.  Why would I even consider an upgrade?  Cartridges cost too much already."

So here's the deal...    I have always been a fan of the series  Star Trek (all versions).  I wouldn't exactly consider myself a "Trekkie" but I do like the concept and franchise.  Over the years, many things have captured my attention from the show but at the top of my list  are two items I've always longed especially for:

The "Holodeck" and the "Replicator."

In short, the Holodeck is a simulated reality area where crew members could venture to explore and experience practically any virtual reality experience imaginable.  Imagine walking into this virtual recreational paradise and saying "Make me the Captain of a Pirate ship." You then spend the next few days Pirating, pillaging, swash buckling, and yelling Argh!  You get the drift.

The Replicator, also referred to as the "Food Replicator" was a device used to build or create virtually anything you wanted.  Usually a food related item.  See below...


So advance now to the year 2014 and the modern day version of what could have been considered to be only science fiction fantasy.  Arrive at a time when human body organs are being printed from the patient's own cells,  guns and aerospace equipment are being constructed  to meet very specific standards, and an practically an entire motor vehicle (Urbee 2),  all are being produced utilizing  3D printers and CAD technology.  

Wow.  This is crazy.  I've got to get one of the printers in my office.  In the meantime, can someone print me up some BBQ Ribs, French Fries, and a Very Cold Beer?

And after that, Please fix me up with the perfect sunset and a soft pillow!

Thinking ahead -  How much does the ink cost?  Is this a good investment?


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