Monday, April 21, 2008

Remembering Elliot Yamin's #1 Fan!

Do you remember Elliot Yamin?

In the 2006 American Idol season, Elliot Yamin finished third. I didn't remember that Elliot finished third but I do remember his number one fan. His mother, Claudette Goldberg Yamin. She captured the limelight as her son competed in the series. She was known for her dedication and unwavering support. Her weekly smile served as inspiration to many and captured a true Motherly proud moment. I just learned two days ago that she passed away earlier in the month. I'm a Little behind on watching Idol this year so I've also just learned that American Idol had a small tribute for her last week in which Elliot sang a song and was given the opportunity to eulogize his mother.

Certainly she will be missed by friends, fans, and family. I'm thrilled she was able to share in her son's success and enjoy her time in the spotlight before passing. She seemed to be such a delightful lady and she brought a wonderful new perspective to the season.

Claudette Yamin At The ETrain JDRF Fundraiser

In celebration of her life I'm running a youtube clip of one of my favorite Elliot Yamin songs. This song brought Paula Abdul and Simon to tears. (I think Simon was crying because he was laughing at Paula.) But Paula was clearly emotional and I think it was justified.

Elliot was singing one of his favorite songs: His lucky song - "A Song For You" by the late Donny Hathaway. I also learned that Donny Hathaway's daughter sings background vocals for Idol. How coincidental...

Elliot does a great job with this song! Through his talent and persona, he has brought credit and recognition to both Donny Hathaway and his Mother.

Thanks Elliot........

Here's the original song by a very young and talented Donny Hathaway who in my opinion, left this world far too soon and before his enormous talent could be fully realized.


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Footsteps said...

I missed this performance when it first aired and am glad you posted it. Elliot was always one of my favorites. Technically superb, genuine... Always a pleasure to hear the man sing.
He has some hard days ahead as he adjusts to a world absent his mother's physical presence...

intrepidideas said...

Heather, Elliot indeed was one of my favorites too. I agree he was talented and genuine. I enjoyed his performances. I haven't gotten into his music much since he's left Idol. I heard several of his cuts from his new album but nothing has really woooed me. Maybe I'll give him another shot! As Always! Thanks for the visit! It's nice to see you around.

Undercover Black Man said...

Elliot was one of my faves as well. I'd forgotten how much of a Donny Hathaway fan hew was.

His "Moody's Mood for Love" made my jaw hit the floor... one of the best "AI" performances ever.

You didn't miss much with this season. A real weak batch of contestants... and definitely the least exciting Top Two finalists ever.

Maybe they done been through all the undiscovered talent in America? I don't know, but they gotta do something to but some zing back into this competition.

intrepidideas said...

UBM, thanks for the visit and the comment. Yeah, The life and death of Donny Hathaway is a story in itself. What a tragedy. I remember Elliot's version of Moody's Mood for love - You're right. That was tops!

Thanks for the heads up on this season. I just couldn't get into it. Now I won't bother to catch up or watch the finals.