Friday, April 18, 2008

What's in a Dream?

And how can you figure out the meaning of your dream?

Last night "I" had a dream. Not in the MLK sense, but a dream nonetheless. Some of you are thinking - Whoppie! News Flash! Call the press - Intrepid had dream! Do you guys have dreams and remember them? I usually have dreams. And sometimes, I actually remember what I dreamed about. One of my favorite things to do is to wake up in the morning and lie there in peace for a few minutes and review the cinematic glory of the preceding dream and reflect on the contents. Interpretation - kick back with the pillow over my face and run the tapes of the dream and try to figure out what happened and what it all means.

My dreams are generally all over the place. They usually involve people or faces that I don't know or remember. They usually take place in some unfamiliar territory and they generally involve one of several recurring themes.

I can classify my dreams into one of the following categories:

1) Anxiety - This dream normally involves some sort of time constraint and I characteristically find myself unprepared and not ready. My standard dream in this category is to discover just before I wake up that I have a major college test, a college paper, and a sports contest i.e., football game, basketball game, boxing match, or track meet all happening when I wake up and you guessed it.... I haven't prepared for any one of these. It's always a relief to awaken to realize that none of the above are happening. Whew! I'm glad that's done with.

2) Insecurity- I call these my "I can't" dreams. These usually find me involved in some activity in which I just can't quite close the deal. For instance, I once had a dream where the entire world was cloaked in darkness. I surprisingly through a series of quests discovered the one light switch which could illuminate the world. The switch was hanging from a ceiling in an empty room. I walked into the room and reached up to flip the switch. Guess what? The switch was just out of my reach. I stretched, jumped, and tried everything to turn on the switch but I just couldn't reach it. I also have a recurring dream where I'm being chased by a villain or creature. Let's assume it's a man sized RAT! You all know how I feel about rats! The rat finally catches up with me and corners me. No problem, I swiftly unholster my 357 Magnum and aim between the eyes of this gigantic rodent. But as I try to squeeze the trigger I realize that I can't physically move it. It's too hard. I squeeze with all of my might but to no avail. I generally wake up from this type of dream very frustrated and disappointed with myself. My confidence diminished.

3) Erotic Fantasy- Okay, I'd be disingenuous if I didn't include this category. You all know the deal here. Sometime during my slumber some mysterious fair maiden(s) enter my dream. She teases and seduces me and otherwise stimulates me to some degree of sexual arousal. We frolic and fancy each other and continue with the love games until poof! It's time to wake up. Boo for me. I'm left with the fond memory of her company but unfortunately I never achieve the illusive triumphant victory.

4) Hero and champion - This is the dream where I do everything right and wake up the hero. Like the time I came to the rescue of Miss Jane. She unfortunately had placed her trust in a lad named Bond. I won't go into all the intimate details but let's just say when I rescued her she was buried waste deep in a sand bunker on the 17Th hole at Paradise Isle Country Club. 007 was no where to be seen. I later found him floating in a water hazard. He was alive but his service weapon (PPK) was rusted, empty, and useless. So I single-handedly fought off the gold digging sleazes of S.L.U.S.H with my trusty Colt (.45). I considered calling my bud SpeedCatHollydale for back up but things were going smoothly so I waited. When I had dispatched the final 10 attacking enemy agents, I had a few shots left in my weapon so I slung Miss Jane over my shoulder and decided to play number 18 (par 5) before it got dark. After some coaxing, Miss Jane came to life and begged to tee off with me. It was difficult finding the hole in the fading light but we managed to close out the card. Miss Jane finished with an impressive eagle and I posted a birdie. Keep in mind she played from the red tees. We found some time to unwind at the 19 hole before we had to report in to our respective agencies. I called Speedy and he joined us for some chicken nachos.

5) Other - Any dream that doesn't fit in one of the above categories falls into this area.

This is the subject of my post today. When a dream falls into the other category it puts me into the analytics mode. If there's time, I really try to analyze my dream and determine if there is anything I need to do or a lesson to be learned. I don't always reach a conclusion but it's fun to explore the options. So here we go...... Last night there was a part of my dream where I was walking across a very long bridge. I passed many people in my walk but no one stood out until the very end. As I reached the other side, I approached a middle aged woman talking on a cell phone. She was average looking and was wearing a low cut V-neck sweater. As I approached her I noticed she had many (15-20) loose 1 carat diamonds all over her neck and around her feet. She didn't want to move for fear that more diamonds would fall off her neck and drop off the bridge into the water below. As I got closer, she mumbled "help me please." I quickly walked up and pulled a credit card from my wallet and scraped the loose diamonds on her neck into my hand and helped her gather the diamonds at her feet. I surrendered the gems to her and she thanked me and walked away.

So what on Earth does all that mean? I'm sure you all have some great ideas. Please leave your input in the comments section below. I've pondered this a bit myself and decided to consult with a few dream analyzing sights. I've consulted with and If you have a dream that you're seeking clarification for maybe you'll want to input the ideas and analyze the themes.

Here's what I've concluded using the symbolism from the sites- As I transition from one phase of my life to another, (symbolized by the bridge) I will encounter a woman reaching out/calling for help (symbolized by the cell phone). She is vulnerable (symbolized by her open neck) and having problems in her financial life or is having a difficult time keeping in touch with reality (symbolized by the diamonds). I will come to her aid either financially, or organizationally (symbolized by my credit card) and help her stay in touch with reality or advance financially. Wow! Pretty deep huh? Who knows if any of this has any relevance or truth. It sure was fun exploring though.

So let's move on to my dream the night before when I was being chased by an elephant! When I finally got tired of running I turned to face this beast and noticed it was running after me wearing beach sandals. I started laughing so hard that it hurt the elephants feelings and he began to cry!

I'll have to tackle that one on another day!

Dream On!


bellydance girl said...

What a great post! I love talking about dreams! And, you said it so well - they are cinematic. Your 2nd scenario regarding the room with the light and illuminating the earth - damn - that could be kick-ass indie art film - same thing with your recent dream about the diamonds. Excellent interpretation. You do seem like the type of person that would help a stranger without thinking twice.

I have places that I go back to in my dreams as well. My anxiety dreams mostly involve traveling. And, I'm either missing the plane, or, I have arrived at the hotel, but for some reason or another, I can't get to the ocean before I have to leave. I've only been in an ocean or the Med. Sea. 7 times in my life. Not nearly enough. especially since I got my SCUBA diving certification last year.

Also, I watch too much news. Cspan, MSNBC or CNN is on all day in the background while I'm working. If it was a heavy news day due to these corporate wars, it will sometimes carry over into my dreams.

The worst recurring dream I've had since I was a girl is that my teeth are falling out, my mouth is full of blood, and no one helps me to the hospital. Some even laugh.

The best recurring dream I have is that I can move things with my eyes. I am able to help people I love by this power and able to scare the heck out of my enemies. It's a nice gift ;)

Jane Turley said...

Ohhhh MR I!!!!! I've been so busy reading the older posts I hadn't read that one. Why Mr I you've had me all of a quiver; are you sure you are not confusing 3 & 4??!

Now I have to admit I've not played too much golf, except the occasional pitch and putt. However, I am famed for my ball control which is without equal in the Home Counties. I'm dab hand at tennis too and have a particularly deep forehand with some heavy top spin. My lob needs a bit of practice though; it's needs to be a bit deeper if I'm to take advantage of a loose ball.

Dreams eh Mr I? I dream all the time (even when I'm awake, which as you can imagine is a bit of a problem! But sort of explains my rather crazy ways...) I have the anxiety ones... same scenario really; waking up believing I have an exam which I haven't prepared for.( It may come as a surprise but I wasn't exactly diligent, I preferred to "wing it".)

I'm not talking about my other dreams Mr I; why I might possibly give you the wrong impression!!!

... Except of course the incontinence must have had that one? Surely???

Oh well I let you in one strange event..not sure if it was a real dream or not... I was about 20 ( so that's prewar then)and remember sitting bolt upright in my bed one night and just for one tiny, mind blowing second understanding the universe and then it was gone....
and I can't remember it.. but just know that it happened...

Hmm, probably said more than I should have then. Ah well, that's me.

Now, please don't tell me you are secretly George Bush because I like thinking he's stupid.. us Brits love a joke or two!

Footsteps said...

I have the same wake-up routine. I don't like to move until I've replayed whatever can be remembered. Dreams can have significant value.

Two nights ago, the main event was an indoor climb with my youngest son (ten-years old today). In the dream I helped him climb 23 stories, touch the stuccoed ceiling (him with his hand and me with my head), gazing in wonder at the distant lights below. A couple more dreams followed, but that moment of helping my son reach "the peak" is the one that has lingered in my thoughts.

Last week I dreamed about some keys that had been missing for over a week. When I told Matt about the dream, he ran and found the keys in the exact place I'd dreamed they were!

I worried a lot about the ethics of using my dreams as story ideas for creative writing assignments in elementary school. Now, I just enjoy them as "vacations" and inspirations...

intrepidideas said...

Belly, I continue to be fascinated by your comments. Thanks for the complimentary reply. I'm in love with the ocean. Especially the South Pacific. So I agree, 7 times isn't enough. You'll have to make time for more. It's nice that you're checked out to dive when you're there. So many beautiful sights to see underwater. I also love the Eye trick. Is that something you can teach me? I'm sure it would come in handy in my travels. Maybe you're part Jeannie. (I dream) pun intended!

intrepidideas said...

Miss Jane,

Perhaps there was a bit of confusion on my part. I'll have to be more careful in the future. (smile) On this universe thing! You mean you actually for a brief second understood it all? That is cosmic! NOBODY has it completely understood. And you say prewar. I'm assuming that's pre - Gulf war One?

bdg said...

I've tried to do the eye trick awake since I was about 6 or so, still can't do it unless asleep - grrrrr ... ;( Sheesh, would I have list ....

tkwi said...

Those are some interesting dreams. I started having "prophetic" dreams at the age of 5. I didn't have any for a long time, but lately I have been dreaming about large buildings with many rooms in them, and me exploring the rooms and their contents.

Jane Turley said...

Well of course it was Golf War One! Just how old do you think I am?! I'll have you know I'm no bag of bones! (Unfortunately, no chance of that..bag of fat though sounds a little more realistic.)

Do you know it was a very strange experience which I've never forgotten... I had another different one when I was most definately awake the night before my father died but that's a much longer story..

You know it's easy for folks to get confused as they get older; I get confused all the time but you know what? I kinda like it!

intrepidideas said...

Okay Miss Jane. I want to hear the longer story. Tell us please..... Anyone who at one time understood the universe has my attention. It could have been Gulf War two or your Falkland Islands war. I've got to keep my wars straight! (smile) Thanks for stopping by and sharing your humor!

Jane Turley said...

It's not an event that can be explained in a few words Mr I. I've written part of the experience into the last two chapters of my book but even they don't do justice to the intensity of the situation.

One of the things I experienced though was an intense and overwhelming joy which I have never known before or since. To this extent I don't really have a fear of death; judgement though may be a different matter.

Your dreams are equaling interesting Mr I!!