Wednesday, May 28, 2008

7 For All Mankind- $200 Right?

May 28Th - National Trouser Day!

I almost missed it! I think I slept through this lesson in history class because for the life of me I don't remember learning about it. But sure as you're reading this, In 1923 the US Attorney General determined that it was legal for women to wear trousers whenever they wanted. I know we can argue about the importance of this glorious revelation and debate the many other social changes that came far too late, but I won't go down that road right now. I'll instead solicit some understanding from you all......

How on earth did we get to a point where it is common place for retailers to charge $200 for women's jeans? And women can walk into the store and buy them without even wincing. Now I remember when designer jeans first became fashionable. You remember! Jordache, Sasson, Calvin Klein, Chic, Guess, and Gloria Vanderbilt to name a few. When these designers changed the basic look and feel of the blue jean the prices jumped significantly. I personally didn't believe the jeans were any better looking or feeling than say... Wrangler, Lee, or Levis but many people went for the name identity. And remember when the ripped jeans became fashionable? Now I could get with that fashion because that meant I could get a few more years out of my old jeans. I couldn't understand buying new jeans that were ripped but oh well. Fashion is Fashion!

7 For All Mankind

Wait a second.... Does the house come with those jeans? How about the model?

At their prices we should get the full Monty!

So step over Sasson, Lee, Jordache, Calvin Klein, whatever.... You're about to get hit with the new wave of designer jeans. Here comes the likes of True Religion, 7 For All Mankind, Joes Jeans, and more. All for close to 150-200 bucks a pop. I don't know if they're worth it or not yet but time will tell. For now, from where I sit those old jeans still look pretty good!

Joes Jeans

Listen to Fat Boy Slim- That Old Pair of Jeans!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I have never paid more than 28 dollars for pants ... but then again I am old and cheap!!

Even golf clothes, which I have a ton of, are only purchased at closeout, or a good sale.

Speedcat .... CHEAP!!!

intrepidideas said...

Smart move on the golf closeouts. I bet you look good in them too! You ever shop at "The Golf Warehouse?" Great deals on shirts!

Footsteps said...

Maybe the "beauty" industry (i.e. creams, make-up) did a high-jack on denim?

Tamera said...

I remember all of those brand jeans hitting the market. I also remember my Mom freaking out at the cost of what I wanted. *sigh*. Now it all just seems ridiculous! Comfort is Queen (and, comfort isn't always in expensive branding). Hehe.

intrepidideas said...


Yeah- Hi-jack is an understatement. I guess everything costs more these days. I suppose I should get used to it!

Tamera, you have an advantage.... You look good in any pair of jeans!