Saturday, May 17, 2008

More to A Kiss! Than just A Kiss!

How do you like your kisses? Warm and Wet? Soft and Sensual? Wild and Whimsical?

Do I have your attention?

It's kind of cool having a blog with no specific focus because I can branch off into just about anything....

So - Is a kiss still a kiss?

We all remember the very classic scene from Casablanca.......

"Of all the Gin joints in all the towns in all the world. She walks into mine.
(piano starts to play)
What's that you're playing?

- Oh just a little something on my own -

Well stop it, you know what I want to hear..............

Play It!"

- fades into "As Time Goes By - A Kiss is Still A Kiss........"

I came across an article during my travels that talked about kissing and kisses and apparently, there's more to kissing than meets the lips... I mean eye!

According to an article by Gordon G. Gallup, Jr., PHD, (what a name huh?) Evolutionary psychologist, University of Albany, New York, kissing is actually part of an evolved courtship ritual. And "When two people kiss there is a rich and complicated exchange of information involving chemical, tactile, and postural cues," said Gallup. Researchers Susan M. Hughes, and Marissa A. Harrison assisted Gallup in his kissing study in which they published the results in Evolutionary Psychology.

Furthermore, in a study of 1041 people, they concluded that most women would never engage in sex without kissing while many men would. Women seem to kiss to assess a partner's level of commitment based on unconscious mechanisms and may be prompted to end a potential relationship after a single kiss whereas men are more likely to kiss as a means to a shorter term goal such as sexual intimacy or reconciling after a fight. Big surprise there huh fellas?

Scientific research aside, clearly there are many types of kisses. The hello/goodbye social kiss on the cheek, the goodnight mom/dad/sister/brother kiss, Eskimo kiss, butterfly kiss, the ceremonial kiss on the lips, and the many others. I'm sure your respective individual imaginations can conjure up some more. But what about the sensual passionate kiss? Are some people better kissers than others? If so, Is there a way to become a better kisser? Here's the cheat - If you want to be a good kisser the key is to start slowly. Carefully progressing and measuring how your partner responds. Kissing is a mutual experience and like dancing someone should take the lead. This doesn't mean that the leader can't change from time to time but two kissers battling for control with no Kissee is not a pretty sight. And a selfish, one-sided kisser leaves the other party feeling left out and unsatisfied. Some people just seem to be better kissers, perhaps because they are sensual and passionate, or perhaps they work on it and practice... practice... and practice. Of course we can't rule out the possibility that when people are physically, and chemically attracted to each other they sometimes enjoy the kissing experience more.

With that said, this picture is going around in an email. I picked it up from

I wonder..... Do you think these ladies are good kissers? I think I'd rather have a cold beer than find out for myself!

How about you?


Jane Turley said...

OOoh Mr I you do write about the most fascinating of subjects... and you sound like you have a lot of experience in this area. I am all of a quiver!! Now you can't write a post like that without expecting some kind of interesting Miss Jayne blows you a kiss across the vitual airways... a big slurpy one thats landing right on your cheek!
Kissy, kissy Mr I!!!!

(Don't forget I'm still trailing behind you.)

Footsteps said...

Now this is a post that hits people where they live! Smiling...

I like the "exchange of information" description (even if that sounds rather clinical!). The best kisses are an intimate conversation between hearts.

intrepidideas said...

Oh Miss Jayne, I guess I deserved that! ..... Thanks for the juicy kiss. I don't think I'll wash my face - Until later when I shower! :) The trail is fresh!

intrepidideas said...

Heather, I agree with you on the "exchange of information" issue. In a peculiar sort of way it takes all of the randomness out of the act of kissing and makes it more personal and intimate. Perhaps an intimate conversation between hearts, minds, and bodies!

Jane Turley said...

Now Mr I, you've forgotton Miss Jayne has a British sense of humour therefore there is a little "cheeky" joke in there you missed! I know, it is dredging the bottom a bit but Miss Jayne just can't help being a little naughty!

tkwi said...

This post was a mouthful... ew.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I used to kiss for hours ... now? Not so much!