Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiger Roars and Lakers Limp!

So by now, we all know the deal! Tiger Woods roared to victory in the U.S. Open and the LA Lakers crumbled in Boston.

I'm not sure we're aware of all of the consequences of this weekend of great sports but we do know that Tiger is scheduled to take the rest of the golf season off. So that means he will be absent from the British Open, the PGA Championship, and the Ryder Cup. Perhaps the other competitors are chomping at the bit and eyeing a possible victory. Clearly Tiger's absence will mean more money for the pool and a big loss for the true Tiger fans.

As a spectator, I literally sat at the edge of my seat and enjoyed every aspect of the competition. I'm a golfer and I enjoy playing the game but let's be real! Usually watching a round of golf is quite boring. Unless of course, you can make the impossible - possible! I think that's what happened last weekend! Many lucky viewers had the opportunity to enjoy a great competitive round and watch two golfers go at it with the fury of two bulls in a ring!

Tiger, made some unbelievable shots to stay in it and won over many fans for the future. Spectators from here on out will be glued to Tiger knowing that he in fact can make the impossible happen.

Another part of this great story in my opinion is Mr Rocco Mediate.

Rocco, equally is part of this great story! Pretty much leading the entire tournament, he battled the charging Tiger at every stroke. When Tiger made two incredible eagles to take the lead, Rocco maintained his composure and rallied for a great performance on Sunday. As he watched from the clubhouse on Sunday, he joined many in the world as we collectively witnessed yet another impossible feat by Tiger Woods. Woods dropped the put at hole number 18 to send this US Open into an 18 hole playoff on Monday! Unbelievable! But still again, Rocco put his game face on and came to play. His effort fell a little bit short and the victory obviously went to Tiger but as a spectator and fellow golfer, I enjoyed the spirit that Rocco, at 45 years old, brought with him to Torrey Pines. His laughter and competition were welcomed. My hat is off to both of these golfers for bringing all of us an entertaining round and an event that will be relished by golfers and non-golfers alike for many years.

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers were issued a good old fashioned spanking in Boston! The Celtics just had too many weapons and simply out-played the Lakers. Oh well, there's always next season.

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Jane Turley said...

Wakey, wakey Mr I! Stop dreaming about your hole in one and give your readers another post! You know you have to have a firm stroke to score from a distance so unless you're pretty hot with your club I'd forget about it now!

I don't follow a lot of golf, primarily as there just isn't enough time in the day. I might learn one day especially as I live only a few minutes from a golf course. It seems a shame not to learn as I've bit of an eye for an ball and I suppose it quite a relaxing way to keep fit as one gets older.

I didn't see that Tiger Woods match but it sounded very entertaining. You didn't see The British Open in 1999 did you? That was VERY entertaining! It must be the old English/French rivalry but when the Frenchman Van der Velde (I think that was his name) lost with all those appalling shots I just couldn't stop giggling... poor chap....Oh and another Frenchman lost in the quarter finals of Wimbledon yesterday.....mind you that was to a German so I'm not sure if I should giggle or not. Maybe I'll giggle when the German looses to Nadal....Hmm.. I'm looking forward to it already....

intrepidideas said...

Hello there my Dear Miss Jayne. It's been a while huh? Seems like forever! I've missed reading your thought-provoking comments. Thanks for your dedication. I'll be sure to get back to work and post a few times in the next couple of days! Hugs!