Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tiger Woods!

Drains Two Long Puts To Take The Lead.

Tiger sets his sights on his third U.S. Open victory tomorrow. Today, with 6 holes left, Tiger was 5 shots behind the leader. He went on to post 2 Eagles and 1 Birdie to take the lead. Sore knee and all.

Tiger can Play Golf!


Undercover Black Man said...

What blew my mind today (Sunday) was... even with a horrific first hole, he had the strength of mind to not let that -- plus the physical pain -- derail him.

Can you imagine what it's like to be inside his head? That degree of focus, discipline and will? Amazing to watch. Just amazing.

intrepidideas said...

UBM, by now, we all know a little bit more about the pain. So that makes his performance that much more spectacular. I'm in awe of his mental discipline and focus. Truly amazing.