Thursday, August 28, 2008

"A Ho-nu Day"


Home. I'll go home, and I'll think of some way to get him back!

After all, tomorrow is another day!

Do you recognize that line?

It's comes from the last scene of the epic production - Gone With the Wind.

I wonder if this line would have had the same effect if Scarlett had said:

" After all, tomorrow is a Honu day?"

Probably not huh?

Anyway, some Hawaiians (Kauai ans) jokingly use the saying: "Tomorrow is a Ho nu Day!"

Now I know where that saying comes from and what it means.......... Any day at the beach could be a Honu day.

There I was sitting at the beach reading a book when all of a sudden chatter and whispers. I looked up from the pages to see yet another creature emerge from the wetness.

This time it was still another endangered species; A Hawaiian sea turtle, or Honu.

Sea turtles, have been swimming the oceans for over 200 million years. And for the first time in all these millennia, six out of the seven species are either endangered and on the verge of extinction, or threatened to become endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

You couldn't tell by looking at this guy (or gal). Looks like just another day at the office.

I initially considered posting this story under the title of: " Things that come out of the sea!" Or "Another boring day at the Beach." But ultimately, I opted for the "Honu Day" idea. It leaves me optimistic....... Let's hope there's a Honu millennium for these creatures.

for more info on the Honu follow these links:

  1. Endangered species: The Honu
  2. The struggle of the ancients



MissCosmo said...

Now pick up the camera slowly. Stretch your arms out before you.. and turn the lens towards yourself. Now hold your finger over the button and get ready...

No! No! Not the face! Lower, lower!

(I'm doing a survey for Cosmopolitan magazine .. "Do men over 40 look good in Speedos?" And it's requiring some in-depth study. Frankly, it's throughly tedious..but a gal's gotta make a living somehow...)

BellyDance Girl said...

I LOVE Turtles! Got to see one swimming away from us on my one and only dive trip. It was breath-taking to see one swim at a distance - but so VERY cool that you got this close. GREAT SHOTS!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

LOL @ Miss Cosmo!

I do not want to see the speedo photo ... but the turtle pictures are fantastic. Cool post Intrepid.

Footsteps said...

Ooh... You DO hang out in the best places!
I "accidentally on purpose" touched one of those guys while snorkeling off of the Black Rock of Kaanapali on Maui (it was early in the trip, and I didn't realize they were endangered and strictly off limits).
Big sigh. I feel SO much better having confessed now (but would feel even better if I could swim beside a Ho-nu again!).

intrepidideas said...

Misscosmo, Keep in mind the new speedos go down to just above the knee. Probably not what you remember. If you wanted some photos.... Just ask! I'll email you a few. Let me know what you think.

intrepidideas said...

BDG.... What's up? I see there's a lot going on in your world. You want a turtle for a wedding gift? Just kidding of course.

intrepidideas said...

Thanks Speedy... How's it going up North? Is Fall here yet?

intrepidideas said...

Footsteps, your secrets (all of them) are safe with me. I'm putting together another post of something you'll recognize. Do come back.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

First coolish day was today. Refreshing really!

MissCosmo said...

Well, obviously Speedos that go down to the knee are inherently unattractive; one might as well keep one's wet suit on. However, the editor is prepared to overlook such bad taste provided the Speedos are a snug fit.

Please send your emails promptly I have a deadline to meet and I have to audtion some suitable candidates for the photo shoot.

Footsteps said...

Always... You're on my "click' list!

Tamera said...

WOW! Very cool. ;o)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

What's up, Doc???

crunch crunch crunch

intrepidideas said...

I'll get you silly Wabbit!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I am toooooo KWiK

>>>>>>>>> running >>>>>>>>>>