Thursday, August 21, 2008


Say What????

Okay, I've been called a lot of things before but yesterday someone looked at me and said - "Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua." I smiled and said: "humuhumunukunukuapuaa to you too! Have a nice day!"

All jokes aside, while sitting at the beach the other day an "Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua" or Hawaiian Monk Seal, swam out of the water and plopped down on the beach. It seems they have a reputation for partying all night - eating and such - and then finding a cozy beach to settle down for a nap. (Sound like anyone you know?) They actually look like they're sick or distressed but in reality, they're fine. They just look like a hung-over teenager on Sunday morning. It turns out that these seals are on the endangered list and are protected. You're not supposed to get near them or approach them.

Shortly after this Monk Seal swam ashore, a few rangers roped off an area around the animal for protection. The seal napped for a few hours and then slumbered back into the water and disappeared.

I know many of you think I've been behaving like a monk seal as well.... Hanging out in Hawaii and sipping Mai Tai's on the beach. But I assure you..... I've been constantly thinking about new blog ideas! Stay tuned for some Hawaiian history.

Anyone know what humuhumunukunukuapuaa means?



Jane Turley said...

Hey, I'm away for a few days and I come back and find you are basking on the beach in Hawaii. Despicable! (Oh, may I suggest you put some suntan lotion on - your looking a bit too brown in that photo! And try and get a more flattering shot next time will you? Really, there's no need to be modest Mr I, I love you just they way you are and I really don't mind the sandals and ankle socks!)

Now about this humuhumunukunukuapuaa word. Hmm... it's sounded a little fishy to me. What if it was a secret message, I thought. So being the sleuth that I am I popped over to Bletchley Park and borrowed the Enigma machine and worked out the secret code. Wow! Are you impressed?! You didn't know I was so resourceful eh? Anyhow, I worked it out! It says...

" You have won a holiday to Hawaii with a hot young stud!"

Cripes, Mr I I'm sooo excited!!

Please can you let me know what dates Mr Speedcat has in mind.

Pentad said...

Hawaii??? Oh, I am absolutely envious! At the same time, you deserve it, so I'm not that envious after can give us a taste of that wonderful Hawaii breeze.

intrepidideas said...

Miss Jayne, I'm truly impressed. You are a stealthy one.... And funny too. I'll have to be a bit more clever next time. Welcome back to you. Sorry I've been goofing off so much lately. Back to work here real soon. Yuck!

intrepidideas said...

Pentad, as always, thanks for the visit. If I keep goofing off like this, I'll be working for you pretty soon. :) So don't be too envious. I haven't forgotten about my special award from you either. I'll be passing it on here pretty soon.

Footsteps said...

I'm wrestling down envy in favor of joy for you...
Hawaii is one of my very favorites -especially Kauai! Waimea Canyon is kind of amazing (got surprised by nudists and teensy black mountain goats when hiking there).
That beach looks marvelously secluded. -Sad to hear that the Monk Seals are still in such short number.

Tamera said...

I forgot to mention the beast in your photo. That is a baby???? OMG. Mai Tai's ....past memories of Honolulu at the age of 18 and Mai Tai cruises. Ages ago, and the memories still linger. The hangovers, that is..hehe.