Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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Over the years, I've spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia. Last week, I took a brief trip down to the land of "Peachtrees." I'd forgotten many things about Atlanta. For example, I didn't remember that with a population of about 520,000 people, it is the 33rd largest city in the United States. That can be a bit deceiving though because if you include the surrounding 28 counties, the Atlanta Metropolitan area is the 8th largest region in the the United States. Additionally, Atlanta has the nation's third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies and touts the busiest airport in the world - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. So Atlanta really isn't that small after all.

I'd also forgotten how much they like to use the word "Peachtree" in that part of the country. Driving around and listening to the radio reminded me of the scene from the movie Forrest Gump when Bubba starts naming all the ways to prepare shrimp. For those of you who have not yet seen the movie or can't remember, here's a clip.......

" So That's about all the kinds of Peachtrees I know."

I must admit, folks in the South are truly friendly. So many people came up to me and wanted to chat. They all seemed to be sincerely interested in my well-being. Yessir, Southerners sure can be hospitable. Still another thing I had forgotten was how High Tech/Sci Fi-ish Atlanta can look at night.

I've always enjoyed the Atlanta skyline on a clear night.

Though some nights it can look like aliens have landed!

During the day, it looks equally cosmic!

But I really impressed myself with these shots. Trust me... It looked more mysterious in person.

And if those Inter-galactic photos didn't freak me out enough..... Let me tell you all about the skeleton on a motorcycle who followed me around for about 10 miles.

I thought it was my imagination!

I finally shook him in Buckhead!

All in all it was a pretty good trip!

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