Thursday, May 28, 2009

Motivation to clean out your closets and drawers!

My dear Blog Buddy Jane Turley is funny! She's also witty and well-read! Some would argue that's she's a bit wayward and a touch wacky at times. But most of us would agree that she, in addition to being quite lovable, is like most normal people and HATES TO CLEAN AND IRON!

Well, I came across a story today that may get people (men, women, adults, and children) and Jane Turley cleaning out their drawers, desks, and closets.

Check This Out:

A West Australian university student in her 30s, cashed in a lotto ticket to claim her prize of about 10 million dollars US. The ticket was a gift from her father and had been collecting dust since July 22, 2008. According to the woman who asked to remain anonymous -

She helped Mum and Dad out in a major way. The tickets were set to expire 12 months after purchase and people had been wondering for months about the mystery winner. Some had given up and thought the money would go unclaimed. The mystery lady walked in with several unchecked lottery tickets. The first two tickets yielded about $16. Then Bamm! The big one hit!

The mystery woman said: "I always remember mum telling me that if I won Lotto, not to start jumping up and down in the shopping centre.'' The winning ticket was a $8.70 "slikpik", bought from the Beechboro Newsagency in Perth's eastern suburbs.

The odds she beat: 1 in 45 million.

It's time to clean out those drawers and cash in those old lottery tickets! Now the ironing, that's an entirely different subject!


Chris said...

Wow! That IS incentive! :) Except that I am positive I don't have any old lottery tickets squirreled away. :) Darn.

Jane Turley said...

Yeah, damn that cleaning and ironing, it drives me up the wall! I'm talking figuratively here obviously - I haven't actually had any "incidents" involving walls so far:)

I usually forget to check my lottery tickets - probably because the interior of my handbag resembles the surface of my desk which as you know is a tad...messy.

How lovely to win the lottery though and with such sweet sentiments from the daughter. I remember winning a bowl of turkey pate once at a church bingo session when I was about 10 - doesn't quite have the same ring about it though...

Hmm..witty, wacky, well read and loveable...are you after my recipe for chocolate flapjack??

intrepidideas said...

Chris, maybe you'll find something else of value hiding in the closets... Perhaps a lost Barbie Doll! :)

Miss Jane,

Did you share your Turkey Pate? If you win at Bingo you have to share otherwise the Bingo Gods will frown on you... Give me that RECIPE now!

Jane Turley said...

Hmm...well I believe I did share that turkey pate. I seem to recall the ceramic pot it was in was even used as a dog bowl afterwards - before it became a pot plant holder. So everyone including the dog benefited! (I've led an exciting life as you can no doubt tell.)

Ah ha... I knew there was a hidden motivation ...many people have tried and failed to coerce me into revealing my secret recipe! (Probably because the recipe came from Granny who could actually cook. However, I did add the winning secret ingredient - probably not too difficult to guess which one.)

Well I'm not normally so generous but... the first ingredient is 1 lb of porridge oats....

...Now sweet talk me some more and you can have the rest!!

(I'm soooo demanding....)