Monday, September 14, 2009

Courageous Video Mondays! Dan Hartman

Some Days it's hard to get out of bed... Today was one of those days.

Following a very busy weekend, this morning was further complicated by the constant reminder of last years' collapse of Lehman Brothers. It seemed that every bit of news announced how shares nosedived in London and New York last year as traders dumped stock following the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers. - -- Just when folks were starting to see a glimmer of hope.

We all know the rest of the story regarding the Banking industry.....

In spite of this recurring news, I decided not to be deterred. I figured, I'd enjoy my day regardless of the doomsayers and revel in the good news of the day. I also decided that I needed some syncopated motivation!

I went slightly Old School 80's...... With a hit song from Dan Hartman (from Harrisburg, PA).

The song - I Can Dream About You -was a hit song from the 1984 movie Streets of Fire.

It reached #6 on the U.S. charts and was Hartman's second big hit following the 1978 success of Instant Replay. I wasn't a big fan of the movie but I liked the song. For those of you who were big fans of the movie, here's some trivia that you possibly didn't know:

"I Can Dream About You" was actually sung by Winston Ford, whose vocals were convincingly lip-synced by Stoney Jackson.

Stoney Jackson

Here's the Video:



Bowie Mike said...

So 80s! Reminds me of listening to the radio while driving the family station wagon with my new drivers license.

intrepidideas said...


Someone told me once... Those were the "Good Ole Days."

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

Funny, I was just writing to my niece after her first week of college, and here's an instant flash to my own college days.
~And I was just telling her how much I LOVED dancing in college (but I gotta say, we danced wa-a-ay better than that!). In my dreams at least...!

Jane Turley said...

I'd forgotten how good that song was. There were some terrific songs back in the 80s - so many different sounds yet with a distinctive 80s feel. That song put me in mind of ABC's Look of Love (Do you remember them?) and their big 80s sound.

Instant Replay was a big, big dance hit over here for years - and has always been one of my favourite song to dance to!! Infact, I've just had to check it on on You Tube again - boy that makes me feel good:))

Summer said...

I love that song.

Jane Turley said...

Now Mr I you've heard that proverb "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.."

Right, now imagine me with arms crossed, my bottom lip stuck out and sulking..

Sooo will you come out and play now pleeasse? Or do I have to watch Top Gun again....(just for the laughs obviously.)

Humph. Do you have to do this work thingy me jig, can't you just delegate Mr I? It's sooo much easier and more fun!