Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feeling Young Again!

Slowly but surely I'm coming out of my slump..... It's time to hit the road again with some short trips abroad. While I was packing today, I gave myself a little pep talk. I reminded myself that you feel as young as you can act!

Or is it - You can act as young as you feel?

Hmmm.... Don't hate me, my Alzheimer's is acting up again.

After watching this video a few times, I felt pretty young!

This was an impromptu performance at the Mayo clinic by this charming couple. I'm certain that Grandpa was feeling a bit frisky. Did you see the way he grabbed Grandma's bottom? Sneaky! Sneaky!


Jane Turley said...

In the UK a common expression is "A man is as young as the woman he feels."

How the hell did you think Mickey Rooney keeps going?! You see, it's scientifically proven:)

By the way I'm 94.

And don't spend too much time on those trips I get bored easily at my age. Not much to do in the home except wait for the poached eggs to turn up at breakfast. Oh and the odd strip wash:)

Chris said...

That video was a hoot!

Have fun on your travels! I bet you are visiting sunshine. We, on the other hand, have another snow day today. I love snow. I really do. But Monday is MARCH 1. BRING ME THE SUN! ;)

intrepidideas said...

Miss Jane, I haven't heard that expression before but I like it. Is that '94' in dog years? :)

Chris... I know what you mean. Enough of the snow already! Where's Spring?

Wapatu said...

Great video!
And, I'm pretty sure if it were true that you "feel as young as you can act" that we'd have pretty much everyone that is up in age acting like children so, "acting as young as you feel" is the saying as it goes! :)
I might be nice if the other were true!

Bowie Mike said...

Loved the video. When I pulled it up on YouTube, I also came across this interview with the couple:

dickster1961 said...

II-I thought of you today while I was enjoying a bowl of french onion soup. Had to reformat my laptop and lost your email. Drop me a note

Jane Turley said...

Hmm.. let me see that would make me about 13/14 yrs old. A nice idea Mr I but even I who has been passing myself of as 29 for at least the last 10 years can't get away with that!

I don't think anyone believes me anyway; I just enjoy the pretence!

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

Love the UK expression (common, huh?)! Thanks for the smiles, Intrepid (pack a couple of them for your travels!).

intrepidideas said...

Thanks Wapatu, I've been accused of acting like a child before but I'm okay with that... :)

Bowie Mike, as always... Thanks for the additional background. I wasn't aware of this interview.

Dickster... You should have my contact info in your box. Let me know if you didn't get it.

intrepidideas said...

Miss Jane... 29 huh? You're not a day over 21.

Hi Heather... I'm smiling away. Thanks for the visit.