Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time and Money!

It's been three weeks since my last post. 21 Days! Wow, where does the time go? I'll have to check, but that may be my longest break in posting since I started this blogging business. 2010 started out in a hurry - didn't it? Well, at least it did for me. It's hard for me to believe that we are already 1/12 of the way through the year. If this pace is any indication of how the rest of the year will go.... then in 11 more blinks, the year will be over! Last weekend, Taylor Swift won Album of the Year for Fearless and Beyoncé Knowles won a record-setting six awards, including Song of the Year, at the 52nd Grammy Awards. I'm so far behind, I'm still watching the show on TIVO. I had to watch the performance by Pink twice! (smile)

Avatar, the American science fiction epic film written and directed by James Cameron and starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, has surpassed the 2 billion dollar mark in worldwide gross sales and continues to break other records; and I haven't seen it yet! (The truth is, I tried to see it one night but it was sold out. I saw The Tooth Fairy instead).

And get this: My Mother is even complaining that I don't call her enough!

Yep, the list of things that I've wanted to do but haven't gotten around to is long. Why? Partly because I've had my head buried in the sand working on several new projects but mostly because I'm simply not moving as fast as I used to. Yep... The truth hurts. As best as I can figure, I just don't seem to be moving as quickly in my forties as I did in my thirties and twenties. My goodness, what's gonna happen in my Fifties? Will I just come to a screeching halt? Should I pull out the cane and walker now? Fortunately, that's a few years out but maybe I should start getting mentally prepared.

Anyway, as you can see, I've been a bit reflective in the past few weeks. And during this time, I ran across a stash of cash from my travels. (photos below) Looks like a lot of money but really it's not. 1000 yen is about 10 bucks US these days if you're lucky. I generally just hold on to the excess money from my travels and spend it on my next trip back to the country. It's nice having the money when you land and not having to rush and convert money or hit the local ATM. It also seems to be a better alternative than paying the punitive exchange rates to convert back to the US dollar. They really try to get you in both directions... Going and Coming! Sometimes I end up holding on to money for a long time. In fact, there are a few countries that I have money from that no longer exist. That's holding on too long! Perhaps it would have been cheaper to pay the exchange fee in those cases. (At least now I have some pretty cool looking wrapping paper) But ultimately, I've always figured that if the Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Australians, or Canadians ever invade the United States, at least I could try to bribe them in their own currency.

Suffice to say, I still have some of the money left over from my travels. While the money is tangible - I can still use it now to trade for goods and services - The time I spent traveling has long passed. There's nothing left (really) but memories and some photos. I guess I've grown to appreciate the value of time a little more. It truly is precious! You can generally go out and make more money, even when you're older. But It's hard to go back and recreate time. I have no regrets!

My wish for all of you in 2010.... May you have ample Time and ample Money to do the things you desire!

Hold on.... It's gonna be a fast year!


Chris said...

That was an awesome post!! :)

I understand EXACTLY what you mean about your forties. I'm there! ICK! I just got bifocals. BIFOCALS. Can't say I like them, but it is nice to be able to see. Minor details, right?

Anyway, it's great to see you posting again!

intrepidideas said...

Thanks Chris... You make me feel young! :)

Bowie Mike said...

I just got my first pair of reading glasses, and I swear that my eyesight without the glasses is now worse!

Jane Turley said...

Lovely to hear your voice again Mr I - I expect your mother says just the same thing:))

Haven't made it to see Avatar yet; I got to see It's Complicated with Meryl Sreep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin though... a pretty fun amusing romantic comedy. Just right for a forty something!

Like your idea for wrapping paper ...only big enough for those small special prezzies though.

Have you got any sterling?? I hope so, cos I like scones with my tea:)

Footsteps said...

Yes, 2010 is flying fast in the Midwest too. But what's with this 40s thing? The best I can tell, the issue is that TIME really is moving slightly faster. Ice-coated or something?

Just keep doing your stretches, and you'll keep up just fine!