Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 Presidential Debates

Okay...... Now It gets dirty!

Is it really about the issues?
Do you want to know how your views on prominent issues line up with the prospective candidates?

In Manchester, New Hampshire, Democratic presidential hopefuls traded blows over many issues. The war in Iraq seeming to be one of the most volitile topics. Does it seem like Senator John Edwards takes some pretty good shots at other candidates when he can and then endorses Senator Barack Obama on the rebound? Is this foretelling of what is to come> i.e., an Edwards/Obama union in the end? I'm just waiting for the mud pies to start flying. I tell you, from where I sit this looks like it could be a very exciting year in politics. I predict the gloves will come off and tempers will flare. Dirt will fly and skeletons will boogie! And the question I leave you with tonight: Who will be the last politicians standing?

Clearly some of the key issues to be pondered are taxes, the war in Iraq, immigration, stem cell research, abortion, and same sex marriages. If you are remotely interested in how your personal views line up with the candidates, here's your chance to take a look. I got this link from a friend today. You know.... That junk email thing. Every once in a while something good comes through. So follow the link to a survey and answer a series of questions about some of the popular issues today. Be sure to indicate how important each issue is to you. It helps determine your score. When you finish the brief survey, you'll be shown a list of the candidates and a score indicating how well they agree with your views. It will also show you a category of topics and whether you agree or disagree with the candidates positions.

Standby for more fun and games when the Republicans have their showdown.

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