Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Another Perfect Day - I Love L.A"

Fifteen years ago I decided to take a chance and leave my comfortable existence on the East coast and head out to the land of "Stars and Broken Dreams." Now this move wasn't made without a bit of research. I'd visited Los Angeles and other parts of California many times before. And like most visitors, I found some of the people in LA to be quite pretentious and superficial. Others, I found to live and breathe in a culture that I found as foreign to me as a creature from a "Lost In Space" episode. Don't get me wrong, I consider myself open-minded and eager to learn and try new things, but I had a difficult time interpreting some of the vernacular. When words such as "Dude, Like, and Totally" are used more than four times in the same sentence it confuses me. "For sure For Sure!" To sum it up and to be a bit cliche, at that point I felt "LA was a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there." Never less, I was young and adventurous so - Why not? I decided not to sell my house back east just in case things didn't work out. After all, I could always bail myself out and move back. Right? No need to say it - I'm still here so "What's up with that?"

It's simple. In the words of the Randy Newman song: " I Love LA."

(I'm trying something new here. I'm streaming the song so follow the above link if you want to hear the song)

As I was flying back into Los Angeles last Wednesday and looking out the window at the snow capped mountains, the deep blue Pacific ocean, and the rolling lush green Hollywood hills, I decided; You can find creepy people just about anywhere but it's hard to replace this scenery and the southern California climate. 65-75 degree weather in January? Hard to beat. And we're having a colder than normal winter. Here's a shot I took on Wednesday followed by a few I took the week before. Sorry, I've overplayed the snow capped mountains but it's novel out here.

I hope you enjoy them.

Here's a Bonus shot. Sunrise or Sunset?


josey said...

awesome post!!

it seems like a lot of the bloggers i read live in cali. all ya'll seem to have a spirit about you that i just cant describe. i keep going back to the fact i am landlocked. LOL! you have an aura of freedom around you--oceans and mountains! majesty and nature at its most glorious. no wonder you all exude such mellowness!!

i've never been to cali. my hubby's been there a few times and just loves it out west. one day i'll make it out there. honestly, im a little scared. im afraid i'll LOVE it. and what would a little midwestern small town gal do with herself on the big ole west coast???

hehe! simply stunning photos! i'll take a guess and say the last one is a sunrise :D either way...i'd get lost in watching it...:)

intrepidideas said...

Hey Josey, thanks for the complimentary comment. I also see you've added a new photo to your portfolio. Looks nice. Maybe we can get you a sweet acting gig when you visit La La land. Ha, ha... And by the way, most of my neighbors are folks from the mid-west who got tired of the cold. And you win with the guess. It is a sunrise. I had to get up pretty early for that one.

Take care..

BellyDance Girl said...

thanks for the photos - it's been 10 years since i've been to SF when my bro lived there. Haven't been to LA yet - San Cruz/Monterey was as far south I got.

Josey - you WILL love it and won't want to come back

intrepidideas said...

Hey Belly, It's funny how some people like San Fran better and some people like Southern Cal better. I've lived and worked in both places. They each have advantages and disadvantages. I think I like the climate better in Souther Cal. It's good to see you visiting again.