Thursday, January 24, 2008

Courageous Acts!

A Courageous display of gallantry or valor should not go unnoticed and more importantly, should not be forgotten. So from time to time I'll be highlighting individual or collective acts of bravery.

Last year this time - and PB - for me. (PB stands for Pre-Blog) I recall reading about a gentleman named Wesley Autrey. Mr. Autrey was a 50 year old construction worker and Navy veteran who happened to be waiting for a subway train in in Manhattan. While waiting with his two daughters, a nearby man collapsed and began convulsing. When Mr Autrey walked over to help, the man stumbled to the edge of the platform and fell to the tracks below. While observers stood by in shock and watched the approaching train, Mr. Autrey fearlessly jumped below and lay on the victim securing him between the two rails. The train attempted to stop but as the brakes screeched, five cars rolled overhead the motionless duo before the train could be halted.
Power was then cut to the train and workers rescued the two. Both men escaped with minor injuries. It appeared the 20 year old victim, Cameron Hollopeter, had suffered a seizure. When asked about his valiant act, Mr. Autrey replied: "I don’t feel like I did something spectacular; I just saw someone who needed help. I did what I felt was right.”

Mr. Autrey, for your dauntless and selfless act .......

I salute you!

Intrepid remembers! God Speed!

Wesley Autrey after the act with grease from the train on his hat- see the full story

On a lighter note. It seems Ms. Antibarbie is performing her own act of bravery. She is taking on all comers in her post: "Hit me with your Best shot." She has agreed to answer any of your questions. And she says anything! The door is wide open. To date she has about 30 comments. Most people, like me, have asked some pretty easy going questions. But come on. You all get in there and take the gloves off and go ask some juicy questions....... (smile) I'll be reading. See her taunts below:

Hope had this great idea for me to do a Q&A session with all my readers. So, feel free to ask me anything in the comments section of this post…. and I do mean anything. I have no shame and will air all my most sinful secrets, embarrassing facts, stupid mistakes, views, philosophies, fears, dreams and anything else you might throw at me. Nothing is off limits and nothing is sacred.
That pretty much sums it all up. Speak up now or forever bite your tongue.



Tamera said...

I remember watching an interview with him. Great sense of humor, and humble to boot!

AntiBarbie said...

I don't know how 'brave' I am for putting it all out there, after all people write autobiographies all the time. I've never been a private person. Thanks for the compliment though! :)

intrepidideas said...

Hey Tamera, that interview must have been something to see. From his comments after the rescue, he does seem like a nice gracious and humble man. We need more people like him in this world.

Thanks for the comment.

intrepidideas said...

Barbie(Not)... That's my new name for you Antibarbie! (ha,ha) You'll have to tell me the origin of your name sometime. Anyway, too late for modesty! You're quite Brave to take on the world and bare it all. I'll be reading!

Thanks for the visit and comment.

Footsteps said...

Few would instinctively risk their life for a stranger. ~Never saw his interview, but what a noble man.
AntiBarbie must not have any sisters who would know exactly what questions to ask for maximum embarrassment... Good Luck AB!

intrepidideas said...

Footsteps, So True about AB, I expected lots of dirt. And about this noble man - Nothing short of selfless heroism!