Thursday, March 20, 2008

What! No Invitation?

So guess what? I trek my butt all the way "down under" to Sydney, Australia and I hear they are having this big celebration. Turns out the Governor-General Michael Jeffery on Monday announced the annual Australian Bravery Decorations, including three Stars of Courage.

One would think that "I" king and writer of the "Courageous Acts" post would certainly get an invitation to the ceremony - Right? Well, due to a minor oversight someone forgot to get me my invitation. Imagine my dismay when I read the article in the newspaper. Foiled again! Oh well, think they'll stop me from having my own say in this matter? No way!

Several people were honored at this ceremony, most of them Australians. Many acts of bravery were recognized. I don't mean to discount the others but I must take pride in recognizing one of our own. Please read along:

On July 29, 2006, Miss Kimberley Dear was in America preparing for her first skydive.

On camera, she pointed to her instructor, Mr Robert Cook a 23 year old from Missouri, and said:

"This is the man that's going to save my life."

Moments after take-off, the engine failed and the plane carrying eight people crashed. In the 16 seconds it took for the plane to fall, Mr Cook turned to Miss Dear and told her to focus on his instructions. He clipped his harness to hers and told her to brace herself using his body to cushion the fall.

Robert Cook wrapped his arms around a young Australian woman and calmly instructed her to use his body as a mattress while their plane crashed from the sky. Mr Cook, was killed on impact but Melbourne woman Kimberley Dear survived despite extensive injuries.

Kimberley Dear would say:

"He was an amazing person and he was going to go on to do amazing things himself but now he can't. I am 100% certain he could have taken measures to save his own life but he didn't, he saved mine. There aren't many people who would put their life on the line for a stranger."

True statement indeed!

Robert Cook, for your dauntless and selfless act of courage and bravery.......

I salute you!

Intrepid remembers! God Speed!

Kimberley Dear, who survived a plane crash when her skydiving instructor Robert Cook died using his body to protect her.Photo: Melanie Faith Dove


Tamera Daun said...

No invitation. How bloody unfair! hehe

intrepidideas said...

I know... I'm outraged!

Thanks Tamera, for the never-ending emotional support in this very difficult time. (smile)

Anonymous said...

This is Robert's mother, Thank-you for recognition and sorry about the invitation!

Day Dreamer said...

Wow, he was selfless and brave.

Jane Turley said...

Cripes, a genuine hero! He must have been a really special person.

Now what are the exact requirements for this award? I have exhibited bravery in the face of dishclothes and dusters and I feel I am suitably qualified. Please forward my application.

Now where's this mission statement? I can't see it. I love American mission statements.. I trust it will be utterly sincere (and therefore highly amusing.) By the way us Brits enjoy a little rib tickling are you up for it?

intrepidideas said...

"Robert's Mother" Thanks you so much for stpping by. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you have found comfort in knowing that your son died in such a brave and courageous manner. I was humbled by his act. Please stop by for a visit again!

intrepidideas said...

Jane, where have you been? I've been waiting for you to stop by. I'm certainly okay with a bit of rib-tickling. I can stand it from the best of ticklers. I guess this means you'll be back again huh?

Jane Turley said...

Yes, indeed. Unfortunately Mrs T has just been so busy she hasn't had time for any major rib tickling and with my dratted teenage son inviting his friends over and getting their grasping hands on my PC doesn't help either. Poor Mrs T is a tad wound up today.(Well most days actually)

Now I'll have to go back and read some more of your posts as your profile is rather on the short side you know. And just what is that profile picture; are you a part time sumo wrestler or is that what working in finance does to you? A full and proper explanation is required!
Hmm, some financial advice wouldn't go amiss either. Any way to make a fast buck with about ten quid?