Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Los Angeles Fires

Tomorrow I'll be leaving Australia and heading back to Los Angeles. So now, like many others, my focus shifts slightly to the fires in and around the city of LA. Thanks to all who have expressed concern and sent well-wishes. Thankfully all is well on my home front. Just a bit of ash and smoky air. Here are a few photos from the Sylmar fire. These shots were taken on the 405 freeway near the Mulholland pass. You can see the smoke billowing in the distance.

I'm told a cooling period is expected in the next few days. This should help the fire fighters a bit. The hot and dry temperatures as well as the strong winds have created volatile conditions throughout the area.

I'm amazed at how light the traffic is on the freeway!


Tamera said...

The situation is absolutely terrible! I feel so badly for all those that have lost everything. Have a safe trip home!!

Footsteps said...

~Hope you found everything in good condition at home. All the fires are contained at this point?
I was in the San Fran area at the end of July and saw some distant smoke from one of the northern fires ~such a powerful force!

intrepidideas said...

you're right. What a tragedy it is for some. Let's wish them well and hope they are insured. Sadly, some things can't be replaced.

Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah, the fires seem to be contained. It's a bit cooler now (70's and 80's versus 90's) and the wind isn't blowing like before. This has given the fire fighters a big edge. Fortunately, all is well at my home. Thanks for thinking of me! :)