Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bobby Collins - You're just Funny!

Hey Bobby... Remember me?

I had a chance to see Bobby Collins live and then chat with Bobby and his wife a bit after the show. He's funny! He spent some time in St. Martin/Sint Maarten and the Caribbean making people laugh.

And he has absolutely perfect teeth! See his site for more information: Bobby Collins

I loved your jokes.....

"On the inside"

Anyone who has seen Bobby will know what I mean.

Here's a clip from YouTube. Catch him when you can. You'll laugh!


Jane Turley said...

Oh yes, he is very funny indeed! I like observational humour and that clip was very entertaining! What an enjoyable night out for you. Is he funny off stage too?

Chris said...

You are right! He's hilarious!!!! I am so glad you had that posted so we could listen to it. :)

intrepidideas said...

Thanks you two...

Jane- Yes, he's funny off-stage too. A real charming guy. Pretty down to earth; a real "New Yorker" at heart.

Chris- Glad you liked it. I like the new photo.

Auntie said...

Bobby Collin's been my favorite comedian for many years. Can anyone tell me on what CD I can find his infamous "Continental" routine. It is the funniest story I ever heard. Thanks! (It's been a very long time so I don't hold much hope) Mary