Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cloudy in Los Angeles - But No Sign of Rain

Positively the Los Angeles Fires of 2009!

It's always been tough for me to come home from paradise and vacation. Some years are harder than others. It's a big shock to my system to leave a sleepy casual island like Kauai and enter the big hustle and bustle of a metropolis like Los Angeles. I keep yearning for the year when I go away on "Holiday" as the Europeans say, and learn that I've entered the land of perpetual vacation and unlimited free Mai Tais.

It's even tougher when I come home and I'm faced with a cloudy skyline and the clouds aren't preceding the warm tropical sprinkles I grew so fond of in Hawaii. On the contrary, the ominous clouds in the distance don't promise a cooling seductive tropical dampening but represent acres of forestry, brush, hopes, and dreams billowing into the atmosphere.

Quite a sight to see from the ground.

And from the air!

The Fires are proving to be equally agonizing, tormenting, and heartbreaking at night!

Dare I say - It's good to be Home?


Bowie Mike said...

Interesting pictures. Hopefully this fire will be extinguished soon before any more people die.

Chris said...

Those fires are completely heartbreaking.

Summer said...

Amazing pics. Sorry it's not a fantastic Homecoming.

intrepidideas said...

Mike, It's been quite a few days. If you believe the news, the firefighters are getting a break with a change in the weather.

Chris - Very Heartbreaking for those losing their homes.

Summer - Vacation is nice... (I'm sure you'll agree as you return from yours) But I'm glad to be home. Gotta pay the bills.

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

"Sad" can't begin to cover the emotions of those in the midst of such a battle. Hard to lose a home and all that's associated with it; harder still to lose a person or pet.
-Glad you had a relaxing time on the Garden Isle. It must be nice to be within a reasonable plane ride to heaven!!

Undercover Black Man said...

I've learned a new word in the past week: pyrocumulus.

Great pictures.

intrepidideas said...


I met a couple who flew into Kauai from New York. They said it was a 14 hour trip with the flight time and layovers. They could have flown to Europe in less time. Yep, I suppose that makes it a relatively unattractive trip for the East Coast people. A small benefit of living on the Left coast. Maybe I'll go try Tahiti next to really exploit the advantage! :) Great to hear from you.

intrepidideas said...

Yeah, they've been talking up pyrocumulus quite a bit on the radio and news. I checked it out on your blog as well. Nice Photo! Yuck! Get well. And thanks for the plug!