Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Stop Signs, Traffic Lights, Bad Drivers, and Accidents!

You may not want to believe your eyes when you view this video!

Initially, I found it pretty painful to watch. Once or twice I scratched my head and wondered if it was possible that the infamous "Jane Turley" was at the wheel during some of these crashes - Silly me, I'm confident that she's a much better driver than most of these people.

Wow... from now on I'll view traffic lights and stop signs quite differently. There's something to be said for order and predictability. Watching this video was vexatious Indeed! Those pedestrians getting pummeled was hard to watch sober! Ouch!

And the "smash up derby" with the folks on bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles will surely induce PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

My recommendation is that you knock back a few of your favorite adult, alcoholic beverages and then watch this video. That way, it might give you a bit of a giggle.

From what I could discover, this Youtube video shows Traffic accidents captured on CCTV in China.

If you're traveling to that part of the world this summer, be careful .... It's dangerous out there!


Tami Daun said...

China was a nightmare! Especially out on the country roads between villages....holy crap!

p.s. I have faith in Jane..hehe;-)

Jane Turley said...

Thank You Tami; it's a cruel, cruel world when your friends point out your weaknesses:)) In my defence, I would like to say that all my "incidents" involved stationary cars and no one was hurt - except me and my little 'ol pride:)

I would also like to add that I am NEVER going to China!

Ps- Just in case you hadn't noted it Mr I - I now have reversing sensors! And I haven't reversed into anything that is above their eye view!

(Nobody mention the neighbour's cat.)

intrepidideas said...


Good to see you... I can't imagine being out on the country roads in China. The cities are bad enough! Scary. :)

intrepidideas said...

Miss Jane - I've been quite unfair to you. It's true, I've neglected to point out your new reverser sensors. (poor cats, dogs, and other small animals)

You're a real sport Jane. Hugs! :)

Jane Turley said...

I was only kiddin' about the neighbour's cat anyway Mr I:) Although, frankly it might be a good idea if it wore body armour:))

Okay, I'll be truthful..

Once upon a time there was a little, lonesome fence sat all by itself on the grass verge and one day a big blue car came along....:))

intrepidideas said...

.... And scared the "Cat" away. And no one has seen the cat since. Even the cats know the legend of the blue car! :) I love your stories.

Jane Turley said...

Why Thank You Mr I:) Now don't go believing them stories will you? Cos some folks get up to some very, very strange things in my stories:)))

I hope you are wearing nice striped PJs tonight. Nothing fancy, know what I mean??!

intrepidideas said...

I only believe half of your stories.

Chris said...

I am never EVER riding a bike in China! WOW!

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

He has disappeared again! Where oh where did he go?

Jane Turley said...

Yes, where has he gone Heather?? Huh, I get my best rubber gloves on ready for a cyber challenge and he's given us the slip again!

Now, I'd like to think he's off saving the world from rising interest rates but I fear he is sunning himself, Martini in hand, on some exotic beach.

Or could it be that there's a rush on those plastic coat hangers again??? Hmmm.. I bet it's a hard life being a door to door salesman......:))

intrepidideas said...

I'm not really sure where I am but I can say this.... I'm feeling the Love! Thanks Heather and Jane. :)

Jane Turley said...

He lives! Hurrah!!