Monday, June 14, 2010

The Original Ultraman!

This week, I'll be traveling to Tokyo, Japan. It will be a short stay but my venue this time will be a lot different than my trips before. I must say, I'm excited about the upcoming change. I wish I could disclose more..... Anyway, while anticipating my upcoming travel, my mind drifted back to a time where life for me was a lot less stressful. A time before oil spills, financial melt downs, consumer recalls, war, and disease.

A time where "Monsters" visited our world and the only thing between us and them was an occasional super hero or "Ultra Warrior."

There have been quite a few "Ultra Warriors" but Eiji Tsuburaya from Tsuburaya Productions, gets credit for creating one of my favorites; the original "Ultraman."

He was a pioneer in special effects who was responsible for bringing Godzilla to life in 1954. The original Ultraman show was preceded by a series called Ultra Q, a black-and-white 28-episode series very much like the original Outer Limits, although some compare it to today's The X-Files or The Twilight Zone.

Check out the book-Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters to learn more.

In case you don't remember the corny "Ultraman" series, here's a clip to remind you and take you back to a time where goofy monsters threatened our existence.

Wait a second.... Did Ultraman tickle that monster? That's sneaky!


Jane Turley said...

OMG!!! That has got to be one of the most ludicrous things I've ever, ever seen! The cardbaord sets, the beats Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet hands down....

And if that wasn't silly enough,as I was watching the bit where the monster looks like he's dancing Master Ben comes in, looks over my shoulder and says...

"Is that Michael Jackson?"

Poor old Michael.....:))))

Have a safe trip Mr I:)

intrepidideas said...

Thanks Jane... Kids say the funniest things. Did you see the part where Ultraman tickles the monster to get away? :)

Jane Turley said...

I was compelled to watch the entire event! I quite liked the bit when he got his ear blown off actually. Call me a sadist if you must...:))

intrepidideas said...

That poor monster. I was actually pulling for him to win. He lost both ears. And it wasn't a fair fight. Ultraman splashed him with water and tickled.

dickster1961 said...

Ultraman was the bomb. thanks for the memories