Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Season! The Absolute Madness Of It!

Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanuka, Bah Humbug, whatever the Holiday whatever the season it's truly mad out there this time of year. People dashing and rushing along at a frenetic velocity.

This morning I pondered the shear madness of it all. I watched as crazy lunatics rushed around in the streets and drove like formula one racers. I clinched my steering wheel once as "Maria Gabriella Andretti" raced around my right side and darted in front of me only to slam on the breaks milliseconds later. I'm sure that I closed my eyes for a brief second and listened for the sound of scraping paint and bending metal that fortunately did not come - I'm certain in her haste, she would not have had the time to stop and swap insurance information. I slumbered along in my own little world and thought -

"What a life?"

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for Christmas Day to arrive. It seemed like an eternity. The days would just drag on and on. Creeping along at a snails' pace until finally Santa came and all was good. Good, bad, or indifferent, my parents never seemed to be in quite the frenzied state that adults are in today. There were no cell phones, PDA's, Internets or cable TV's. All things that should or could make our lives more efficient and fulfilling - Right?

Still, they never seemed to run around like the maniacal shoppers do today. They socialized with friends and family and seemed to move along slowly at a procrastinated and more temperate pace. Did they really? Maybe it was just my perspective back then.

That's when the light bulb came on in my head! A literal Intrepid Ideas moment! It's all about your perspective!

So today I decided to deviate off the airways, taxi clear of the runway, exit the freeway, move through the bike lane, and dismount into the pedestrian path where I intend to stroll along and enjoy the Season at a more measured pace. In order to do this, I'll have to make some concessions. First, some things simply will not get done. So consciously, I'll have to decide what's really important and what can wait until January. Secondly, I'll have to be a lot more efficient. Better planning and better execution will free up some much needed extra time for me. Lastly, and most importantly, I'll be sure to change my perspective entirely! Instead of running around looking like a zombie in a shopping trance, I'll take a second to say Hello! Happy Holidays! Season's Greetings! Merry Christmas! I'll remember to say Thank You! Excuse Me! and Please!

I'll be moving along at my own pace in my own little world. By the way, there's lots of room here. And I invite each and every one of you to stop by the house and join me for some Holiday cheer. Tonight I'm serving hot cider and Manhattans.
We'll sit by the fireplace and eat cookies and talk about the old times.

Please stop by tonight!

(Because next week I'll be out doing my last minute shopping!) Stay Clear!

Season's Greetings!

From Intrepid


Tami said...

"stay clear"..hahahaha! That was funny.

I've adopted the quote on my site for the time-being:

"Let's be naughty, and save Santa the trip"....


Seriously, though. We won't have any kids in the house for X-mas this year. So, I don't have to stand in the kitchen and cook all day. *whew!*.

I've only done 1 christmas thing yesterday, and I actually enjoyed it. I walked by some Christmas trees for sale, and I saw a tiny little tree-top turned upside down and looking neglected and a little dry. I brought it home, put it on the counter, and decorated the little thing..put candles around it...It's really cute, and that's it, folks. That's the whole Christmas thing this year. But, hey! I'll relax on your behalf while you're out last-minute shopping!

After living abroad without family around, the holidays lost their hold on me. The "must-do's", you know. When I see everyone running around now, I'm kind of glad that it's not so important anymore. It's for the "little ones".

Summer said...

Agreed. The magic of Christmas died somewhere in my late teens. Technology or maturity? Uncertain. Or it could be that they've started pushing Christmas on us in October now days. Really why is that?

I have so many last minute gifts to grab; however, I'm not in the mood to fight my way through the masses. I hate when Christmas brings out the ugly in people.

I'll be drinking my apple cider with you guys in spirit! :)

Jane Turley said...

I like your perspective. It is a shame that much of Christmas has become more about commercialism rather than Christianity. However, I still believe that Christmas is a time to be treasured; people need to take "timeout" from the pressures of everyday life and appreciate family and friendships. Gifts are great, especially for children, but nothing material can replace the gift of love.

Hot cider? I've never had that; we have mulled wine over here as our Christmas drink. Is it cider brewed especially for warming or just the usual? I'm curious; perhaps I should give it a go!

intrepidideas said...


Like your quote. You've been quite good this year. You've got a few days to save Santa his trip. Have at it! :)

Tamera said...

Fabulous. I'll get right on it. Beware the wrath of Tami! lol.... ;o)

intrepidideas said...


I think it must be a maturity thing. It's unfortunate that we have to grow up. Thanks for stopping by and sipping cider with us. Happy Shopping

intrepidideas said...

Hey Miss Jane. You said: "I still believe that Christmas is a time to be treasured;"

I think so too. So instead of sending me another tie this year, just send some of your love my way!

Hot Cider....

In the US generally refers to apple cider warmed. Mulling spices and brandy (or other alcohol) can be added to spruce it. up.

Jane Turley said...

Oh, I has such plans for that tie!

And the matching underpants....

Oh, all right then..a little bit of love it is...

( Right, that saved me 10 bucks who else can I con with that love stuff...)

Footsteps said...

Count me in!
When it got too hectic a few years ago, the kids and I decided on what Christmas activities/traditions were most meaningful to us and have basically stuck with that. So much nicer! ~And I gave up on decoration perfection... the kids string the lights, and we're all thrilled with their creativity.
Good luck with the crowds! Wear a helmet!

intrepidideas said...


I like that approach. Quality time doing the meaningful things. The very best of the Season to you and your family! I'll strap on my helmet and pads for sure. :)

Houseonahill said...

Great post...have not done ANY maniacal holiday haggling!

My sister says I am Scrooge for sure ~ thats why I LOVED this post...Hooville, USA look out!

BAH - HUMbug to you and yours (and hugs and kisses too)