Monday, December 1, 2008

Sonic Boom!

Yesterday I was enjoying a casual afternoon at home when I was startled by what seemed to be three big booms. Boom! Boom! Boom!

The first one louder and stronger than the second two. My first thought was - Oh no, it's an earthquake. I quickly erased that thought when the house didn't shake too much afterwards.

My second thought - The Space shuttle must have landed at the alternate landing field at Edwards Air Force Base, roughly 65 miles from here.

I turned on the television and sure enough, the Space Shuttle Endeavour ( pictured above) has returned from a 16-day space station assembly mission. It was diverted from a planned Florida landing by low clouds and high winds at the Kennedy Space Center.

For many people today, it must seem like just yesterday when space flight was merely a fantasy. Today's children are born into an environment where space travel must seem to be an inevitability and not the illusion or fairytale dream of children of the past.

I'm curious.......

Will the bloggers of the future post about their travels throughout the Galaxy? Just something to ponder!

Here's a short video of the landing:


Tamera said...

Wow. Is it really that loud? That just may be in the future for bloggers...hehe...I'll sit that one out, though.

Jane Turley said...

A similar thing hsppened to me a couple of years ago very early one morning. There was a big bang - unable to work it out I decided Master Sam had fallen out of bed. (It was an oil depot blowing up!)

Would you go into space if you had the chance Mr I?

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Nice landing, but the pilot was showing off by pulling a wheelie for so long.


Chris said...

That's so neat to live near a NASA landing field!

Footsteps said...

I wonder how many minutes that little cross-country diversion required.
Probably less time than it would take one of us to get through security at the airport...