Saturday, January 10, 2009

News Flash - Fashion Memo!

Did I arrive late to the party and miss the memo? Perhaps...... It seems that there's been a revival of the "one glove" look created and stylishly executed by Michael Jackson.

Please tell me it isn't so...... I once sat in a bar with some friends and watched a guy walk by carrying a pitcher of beer and wearing one glove. When I looked again, I discovered it was someone I knew. So I walked up to him and said: "Dude! You're a fashion disaster! The pitcher of beer goes with the construction hat and timberland boots. The one glove look goes with the pitcher of Blue Hawaiians." He looked at me like I was crazy. I don't think he quite got it.

Maybe it was "I" who didn't get it because more and more I'm seeing people walking around wearing just one glove. And it's not always the younger hipper crowd. Today I saw a man in his 5o's sporting the new fashion. Dress shirt, slacks, tie, and a complimentary glove to match. Imagine my surprise. Take a look.

His left hand is clearly in a non-glove state.


He breaks out with the one glove look!

I suppose I can hope that this wasn't a fashion statement at all but simply a manifestation of deep and inner phobias. Fear of touching the germ laden handle of a gasoline pump with uncovered hands. Or fear of going to a business meeting with hands smelling of gasoline. (There's soap, water, and lotion for both of those... but then it wouldn't be a phobia)

Who knows?

But just in case there is an emergence of this forgotten fashion, I'm prepared. After all, I'm a man of the 2000's very in touch with my sensitive and emotional side. I'm comfortable with my sexuality and not a victim of my surroundings. I'm prepared to jump into this fashion trend with a bang! I've even picked out my first sequin covered glove. I'll be sportin' it with a tuxedo and a frilly shirt!



Ane Fallarme said...

lol... :D I do hope their not thinking of bringing that back, it was such a bad fashion statement... that guy probably has a germ phobia, that or he really loves Michael Jackson... :D lol... :D

Jane Turley said...

Interestingly enough I was in a "one glove" situation only yesterday morning at the sports centre! Holding two cups of coffee in my bare hands things started to get a little hot, so searching in my pockets I found A glove. Where was the other? Frankly I couldn't have cared less because they were of a mock leopard skin design and a little on the bright side! (I'd been given them by some relative who should have known better.)Returning to the touchline my unusual attire was remarked upon with a request for me to moonwalk across the football pitch.

Humph, Miss Jayne is far too sophiscated for such silliness! (??)

A very funny post Mr I and I'm glad you are not taking up this fashion as I would have to make a formal complaint to the Fashion Police. A frilly shirt and plus fours I can handle but the thought of Mr I moonwalking in a catsuit and a singular shiny glove around his desk is just too horrifying for me to contemplate for more than... several hours. (Hee, hee, hee!)

I should add that on returning to my car I found the other glove.


Footsteps said...

There's "confidence" and then there's simply "bad fashion". ~Glad you're able to demarcate the very distinct difference!
(Just keep in mind that wearing both of those dazzling gloves wouldn't significantly add to the style deficit created by wearing just one of them...)

Chris said...

What happens if you lose a glove while you're out and about and consider not wearing just one glove, but decide it's smarter in 20' weather to keep at least one hand in a non-frostbitten state?

:) hee hee

Yeah, I think about these things. :)

Self-esteem Blog for Women said...

Good day...stopping by as requested...this post is amusing. The man with the glove I would definitely say needs a makeover.
If only Micheal knew what his fame and fashion was being used for....ahhhh...! Do they not say that..."Everything happens for a reason:)"
Thank you for the smile!
Have a very positive day!

Anonymous said...

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