Saturday, January 24, 2009

The video we didn't see or hear!

It's been a big week here in the United States.

It's been difficult to turn on any news station and see or hear anything but Inauguration news. And when they weren't talking about the Inauguration, they were discussing the changes in the the administration. With the exception of Rush Limbaugh, and his comment "I hope Obama fails", it seems to me that most people are optimistic and hopeful for the success of the new Obama administration. I see so many people energized and refreshed by the prospect of better days ahead. Even many of those who didn't vote for Obama are expressing a bit of relief that the Bush era has ended and some requisite steps are being taken to slow the economic decline.

Many were outraged at Rush Limbaugh's statement. Personally, I'll excuse Rush Limbaugh for his comment. In my humble opinion, his comment isn't anti-American. It's not treasonous. It's simply more of Rush's hypocritical campaign to become universally recognized as the ultimate Village Idiot! Honestly, does he have any credibility left?

One thing is for sure, we know Rush is fighting the battle for untruth, injustice, and the conservative way of life.... Period! To this end Rush, I wish you all of the best! Continue to squash liberalism at the expense of everything else, including your self- respect. I see you're well on your way in your quest. I'm sure it's too much for us to ask you to take a break from your "Conservatives vs Liberals" crusade and do something that's right for the United States of America.

Or even for yourself for that matter. So we'll just wait for you as you orchestrate your smear campaign against the new administration. I'm certain you'll find something to exaggerate in the very near future.

Just in case you need some help...... Here's a lead:

I'll remind you about the video we didn't see or hear during the Obama campaign. The song is by Boy George. Rush, I know you're a big fan. You've always dug his flamboyant style haven't you? Is it true you keep a pin-up poster of Boy George in your locker at work? Maybe you can make this the theme song for your radio show.

Boy George (born George O'Dowd)

I know It's a bit sad for you Rush, but Boy George will be spending some time in the slammer. A British judge sentenced the singer to 15 months in jail for falsely imprisoning and beating a male escort. Boy George, like you Rush (and O.J. Simpson), has denied the charges. He's claimed the victim, Audun Carlsen, had stolen photos from his laptop. Boy George who is now 47, admitted during the trial to handcuffing Carlsen to a bed in April 2007, saying he was doing it to figure out if the escort had purloined the pictures.

He's off to jail but his song "Yes We Can" will play on in You Tube land. I have yet to hear the song played on a radio station but I guess it could gain some momentum. Unfortunately for you Rush, President Obama never adopted the video as his official campaign video. I'm sure you would have had a wonderful time convincing the world that the connection between Obama and Boy George is surely an example of why the liberals shouldn't be in power. And that the social corruption that will follow as a result of this relationship is certain to send America into a moral nose dive.

I'll admit, the video is a bit goofy and there are implications of a lewd and sexual nature.

But come on Rush.... You really like it - Don't You?

Yes Rush, if you miss Boy George while he's away....
You can send him fan mail. "Yes You Can!"

Boy George - Yes We Can


Tami said...

Hehehe....I have actually never heard Rush. I don't know why, but perhaps I should be thankful. ;o)) It's kind of hard to fail even more than the recent Administration. That would be a big task. We should be playing the song by Yazz..."The Only Way is UP".

intrepidideas said...

Hey Tami. Welcome back. It's good to see you again. Study hard!

Jane Turley said...

This fella sounds (or maybe looks) a bit like a Michael Winner type character! (Um.. just in case Michael checks in I must say Michael is a cinematic genius, especially in his selection of Charles Brosnan to play a tragic and deeply disturbed character.)