Monday, March 2, 2009

Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili Chips

Let's talk vices.

Every once in while I feel the need for some really good comfort food. Sometimes it's a rack of ribs. Other times it's something on the sweet side like mud pie. And occasionally it's something simple like chips and dip. A classic for me is BBQ potato chips with french onion dip. I'm also a huge tortilla chips and salsa fan. Nothing like a bag of Doritos and some fresh salsa to wash down a nice glass of wine or cold beer. I've pretty much been a Nacho Cheese kinda guy with respect to Doritos flavors for as long as I can remember. They were originally launched in the United States in 1966. The name means "little bits of gold" in Spanish and I totally get it. I bet you didn't know that piece of trivia huh? But do you remember when they only had two flavors? Taco flavored and Plain? I originally started out being a fan of the Taco flavored chips. Now they've got a very long list of failed flavors. I don't recall just when the Nacho cheese flavor started but I recall thinking that something funny was going on with the formula and that this would not be a failed flavor. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I suspected that Doritos had placed some illicit substance in it's Nacho Cheese flavored chips. You know, something highly addictive. At the time I wondered if Doritos had fallen into bed with the tobacco industry and was secretly slipping nicotine into the formula.

Nicotine Molecular Structure

Or perhaps they tossed in a bit of cocaine in the recipe

Cocaine Molecular Structure

I suppose it's possible they could have mixed in a tad bit of heroin for good measure.

Heroin Molecular Structure

No, that couldn't happen I thought. But then I tried the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos - Unbelievable!

Last week my local grocery store had them on sale; 2 - 12 Oz. bags for $5. That's compared to their normal price of $3.99 per bag. So I picked up two bags - just because. I also picked up a small tub of fresh peach mango salsa. Yummy!

Now I've tried other experiments from Doritos - Cool Ranch, salsa verde, habenero, and others but none of them took with me until now. I was so hooked on this flavor - I couldn't put the bag down - that I sent a small sample of these goodies to my chemist friend up North in Hollydale. My friend couldn't identify the addictive substance or special flavor but he did send me a copy of the molecular structure. View below.

Molecular Structure of Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

I'm no chemist but that structure sure looks a lot like 3 parts nicotine, 2 parts cocaine, and 1 part heroine to me. Wow - Stay away from these things, they're extremely dangerous and ridiculously addictive. And be on the lookout just in case a loved one brings home a bag. Throw them away immediately!

Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili Chips Commercial - Watch the best video clips here


Jane Turley said...

Oh you naughty boy, talking about food again! It's nearly my brekky time over here and now I want Doritos!

That chemical formula for chilli was pretty funny but you know what it looked more like a women's brainwaves! (Vastly more complicated and superior to men. Hee hee.)

Ps - Sweet chilli are definately the best. Fact.

Footsteps said...

You and your molecules! Very funny.

Spicy anything is the best! You've reminded me of a sweet hot chili sauce I first found on Maui (and then had to track down for home use). Sounds like a good marinating plan for tonight's dinner...

Peach mango salsa -yum! ~Had the first atalfo mango of the season yesterday; a true sign of Spring...

intrepidideas said...


You can have Doritos for Breakfast if you like. You're an adult. Just don't tell your friends.... They'll talk about you. :) Brainwaves - Yep! Women's waves are excessively complex. Men will never figure them out.

intrepidideas said...

Footsteps.... Howdy! So you liked the molecules huh? Me too. Great Maui chili sauce story. Food always tastes better with a tropical breeze blowing and a cool beverage in your hand! It's time to start thinking about Spring for sure. Thanks for stopping by.

dickster1961 said...

I had a bag of these over the weekend, with a jalapeno & cream cheese taquito, washed down with a Coke Zero. Very tasty.

I may have to take a look at some of your chip & dip combos. I don't think I have ever combined a dip with a flavored chip. Always a plain potato chip with a french onion dip, and a plain tortilla chip with salsa. Of course washing those down with a cold beer or some wine is a no brainer.

Chris said...

Oh my gosh! This explains SO MUCH! I love Doritos!!! We tend to stick to Nacho, but that cool ranch mixed bag is rather wonderful too.

I need to try the chili ones! How have I missed those?

Dazy said...

Gained some very interesting knowledge about molecular structure. Never thought of food and chemistry together. Intrepid!! Really

intrepidideas said...

Dazy, I guess you never know what you might find in blogland. Thanks for stopping by.

Jane Turley said...

I'm glad I've got a sense of humour otherwise I'd probably take offence at that remark!

intrepidideas said...

Oh Shucks! Did I miss a comment? Otherwise this "Habenero/Habanero" thing is going over my head! Thanks for the active dialog.