Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lost In Translation!

Japan is an interesting place. And for a Westerner, things can appear a little odd! I'm convinced that things really do get lost in translation. But I consider myself a pretty smart guy so I like to think I can figure most things out. Sometimes, I just need a little help. As I travel around here, I'm so thankful to run into people who speak English. That way I feel like there's not much guessing going on. When they say something to me I want to be sure to understand the meaning. I'm so inadequate. I can only speak a few words of Japanese - Hello, thank you, good bye, and good afternoon. So In a pinch, when things really get complicated, I need a translator or I need some who can speak some good ole fashioned 'Merican. I can even do alright with some Spanish, French, or German! Somethin'. But not Japanese.

Today I got lucky. I ran into an Aussie. He looked about as excited as I was to find someone to chat with. We hammed it up a bit and then went our respective ways. I felt better for having succeeded in the communication game.

But things really are quite different here.

It looks different from the air!

Even the Golf Courses look different! A bunch of brown spots for fairways. Not what I'm used to.

And It looks different on the ground! I can't read any of those street signs.

Well maybe a few!

The magazines even look different! And they open from left to right!

And the Limo driver sits on the wrong side of the car!

Surely the sports must be the same- right? But no, the Sports look a little bit different too!

I'm guessing the goals and objectives must be the same. Two really big guys. They must be going after a ball right? I'm kind of curious -why they are wearing diapers though.

Let's see... Slap your stomach - Throw Water - and Try to intimidate the other player! Sound familiar? - Yep! Sounds like most of the sports I'm familiar with!

Wait a second. There's no ball in sight.....

Oh, now I get it.... The goal is to go after the other guy's balls!

Give the other guy a "wedgie" or something!

Guy in the Blue Diaper -

Dude! You totally lost!

And Your testicles are So Smashed! Ouch! You'll be singing soprano for a while!

I think I understand Japanese!

See - I told you I was smart!


Jane Turley said...

Oh that sumo wrestling is such a curious sport! Why do they have to be so fat? Why couldn't they just be athletically strong? Personally, I think watching fit, athletic men tossing each other around would be a lot more exciting....

And as for those diapers! Well, they look kinda familiar....

I dunno about the limo driver Mr I - he looks like he's driving on the right side of the road to me. You mean you Americans drive on the left?! You realise that means I could never come to visit? It would be far, far too dangerous....

Maybe I could just bring my pogo stick?

dickster1961 said...

Too funny. You know more Japanese than I do. All I know is "Domo origato Mr Roboto" from the Styx song

Summer said...

I've never been able to watch sumo wrestling. I think it's the diapers.

intrepidideas said...

Jane, if they were fit, athletic (looking) men tossing each other around they'd call that wrestling. :) And when you visit, don't worry. We'll get you a driver. Your driving reputation preceeds you. (giggle)

intrepidideas said...

Summer... You mean it's not the bellies? Okay. I get it! It's the diapers.

intrepidideas said...

Dickster, Great song. I thought about using it in my post. Oh well, now I know someone would have remembered.

Jane Turley said...

Oh yes wrestling - I don't know - they always look kinda odd too. (Maybe it's the Borat-style suits?!)

Phew - a driver - that's a relief; it's hard work on my pogo stick over long distances!