Thursday, May 20, 2010

Courageous or Dumb? Running shoes are Bad for you!

Christopher McDougall, the author of the national bestseller, Born To Run has a courageous idea when it comes to running shoes and runners who wear them.

Throw your running shoes in the trash!

Christopher McDougall claims that the entire multi-billion dollar (running shoe) industry "is based on a campaign not of facts, but of fear. Fear that if you don’t buy a $175 sneaker and replace it in three months, you’ll ruin your knees." He claims that humans have evolved in a manner that makes running barefoot better for your muscles and joints and that the technology introduced via the running shoe is actually bad for you and promotes injuries.

Here's a snippet:

Nike, naturally has a different perspective!

Well, clearly this is a tough debate. I haven't read McDougall's book yet but he seems to present a valid argument. But for now, just between us....... I'm keeping my running shoes!

They are super comfortable!

Just Do It!

(Note: no fees were received by me from Nike for making this post - But, I'm receptive to the idea)


Jane Turley said...

Receptive to the idea of a handout eh?! Naughty- but gave me an early morning giggle:))

It's not a new idea though - remember Zola Budd? I think there's a lot of sense in what he says but I'm not totally convinced injuries may be the result of trainers - the correct trainers are certainly beneficial. Young Jacob has orthotics in his to correct his flat feet which even at 9/10 were causing him knee problems and no doubt would have led to serious problems when he was older - now he doesn't get any knee pain! Well apart from yesterday when he tripped over at school and was wheeled to the infirmary... Yes - it was one of those days:))

Love those blue trainers! Can trainers be sexy? Okay, they're sexy:))

Footsteps said...

I heard about this guy at a wine tasting a few months ago. Heard the book was an interesting read at any rate. Might have merit -the smaller stabilizing muscles in my surgically-enhanced right ankle always get stronger when I hike a lot in my Keen (receptivity all over the place!) sandals. Picking the right surface to run on helps, too, I think. Was he really running on pavement in sandals?? I'd need my Mizunos on that hard a surface!

intrepidideas said...


Yes I do remember Zola Budd... good point. Sorry to hear about the trip to the nurses' office. I hope he was pampered a bit. :)

Sexy trainers? Hmnnnnn!

intrepidideas said...

Footsteps, of all people I thought you might have heard of this guy. (Figuring you run in those circles - literally) Never guessed it would have come up at a wine-tasting. :) Anyway, I try to avoid the hard surfaces whenever possible... the pounding! I can't imagine doing it in sandals or barefoot. Got to hear more about the ankle surgery.

Jhonne said...

Indeed, it was great and courageous idea. I always loved my nike running shoes and smartwool socks that provide the utmost comfort and support for runners.