Monday, May 10, 2010

Mexico - The Ugly!

The Good The Bad And The Ugly!

I'm sure you're all familiar with the movie "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." Some of you, like me, have seen the movie countless times. It's certainly one of my favorite spaghetti western movies. There's a lot to enjoy. I think the acting is good, the story is well told, and the music score that accompanies the action, is great.

Did you know this?

The main theme to Sergio Leone's film The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, was originally composed by Ennio Morricone but a follow-up version by Hugo Montenegro went on to reach #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and spent four weeks atop the UK Singles Chart in 1968. It sold over one and a quarter million copies, and was awarded a gold disc!

But I digress....

You didn't come here to read about ancient music or movie history, you want to see and hear about the ugly parts of my Mexico adventure. Don't you?

I'm warning you, it could get a bit scandalous and border on pornographic.
(Now I've got you interested huh?)
But that's my disclaimer, so continue at your own risk!

The ugly story starts like this: "Don't Eat The Worm!"

And it continues in a place they call -Billygan's Island-

Billygan's Island - Cabo San Lucas

Billygan's Island is a Restaurant & Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the sand at Medano beach. It's a lively and fun place and is a big attraction for the young and old alike. And guess what? Happy hour starts at Noon and runs until 7 PM.

Did I mention that it's a popular destination for college kids on Spring Break?

That's when it starts to get ugly!

Too much sun, too much tequila, too much mezcal, too little "drinking" experience = UGLY!

Too Much Worm!

Note: In the United States, the reputation of mezcal suffered from its association with college binges on cheap mass-produced bottles sold with the agave larvae at the bottom. It has not become as popular as tequila in the U.S., because of its smoky flavor. A number of bartenders, especially on the West Coast have been working to make mezcal cocktails, but the liquor’s smoky flavor makes this a challenge. There is one that combines the mezcal with agave nectar, yellow chartreuse, pastis, fresh oregano and lime juice. However, mezcal does not have a signature drink such as the margarita for tequila.

Oh well,


Jane Turley said...

Um... I'm probably sounding a bit daft but are the drinks intentionally sold with the larvae or are they contaminated? Is this some weird Mexican aperitif??

Now Mr I, please can you explain about these young ladies; I must say I admire your resolve to film such ugly on-goings on behalf of your readers - unless of course you were also conducting some scientific research?:))

Summer said...

I had to stop reading once we got to the tequila. One bad night of tequila will burn forever in one's mind.

intrepidideas said...

Oh Miss Jane, You do make me smile with your innocence. It must be an American thing.... :)

Summer, so you were bitten by the tequilla monster huh? Fortunately, I haven't traveled that road yet.