Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mexico - The Bad!

Okay, some of you - namely Dickster1961 and MickisMorsels - called me out on the "Bad" Mexico post. To be fair, you both make a strong case. Yes, it's hard to complain about some things in life but trust me, when I put my whining hat on, I can go with the best of them. But thanks in part to you two, I'll try to be a little realistic! (grin) as I share the "Bad" parts of my trip to Mexico. If nothing else, maybe I can add some humor.

You know how I feel about sunsets.......

Here's a not so perfect one. The sun is obscured by the clouds. -Bad!

Okay, take a really nice beach and pack it with people! Too crowded! Bad!

Go all the way to Mexico and shop at Wal-Mart! Way Bad!

Guys with automatic weapons on the crowded beach - Puts me in a BAD mood!
(Unless of course, they are protecting "ME" from the BAD guys)

People on the Beach asking me if I want to buy trinkets.....
BAD Timing!

Going to Mexico and eating and drinking too much (and not getting sick)!
Not a Bad way to spend a week!


Summer said...

I became claustrophobic just looking at that beach pic.

intrepidideas said...

Yep.. It was crowded. :)