Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bono and U2 cancel tour! Bono has emergency back surgery

Some bad news for fellow U2 fans....

According to CNN, U2 singer Bono has just been discharged from a German hospital where he underwent emergency back surgery. Bono apparently suffered a serious back injury on Friday while preparing for the continuation of the band's US tour. It seems the American shows will be postponed until next year. The group has also canceled an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in England next month.

Dr. Muller Wohlfahrt (is that pronounced "Will Fart"?) had this to say:

"Bono suffered severe compression of the sciatic nerve. On review of his MRI scan, I realized there was a serious tear in the ligament and a herniated disc, and that conservative treatment would not suffice. I recommended Bono have emergency spine surgery with Professor (Joerg Christian) Tonn at Munich's LMU University Hospital on Friday."

Tonn said:
Bono is now "much better" and has regained all movement. "The prognosis is excellent, but to obtain a sustainable result, he must now enter a period of rehabilitation."

Wohlfahrt indicated that eight weeks of rehabilitation is considered a minimum recovery period.

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As best as I can determine, all of the US concert dates have been postponed until 2011.

Who said being a "Rock Star" is easy?

Get well soon Bono!

Just an aside, if I'm ever assigned a doctor named/pronounced "Doctor Will Fart," I suppose I'll just giggle a bit. But don't give me a Doctor named Hurt, Paine, or Dye! I'll be forced to ask for a change!


Jane Turley said...

How about Doctor Dolittle? I hear he's into homopathic well as talking to animals:)

Chris said...

Now my back hurts. (Probably from laughing at the dr. jokes!) ;)