Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bad Investments

What's up with the Stock Market? I can't figure it out. Up one day and down the next. Way up still another day and then way-way down the following day. This volatility is crazy. Anyway, I ran across this article in the China Daily newspaper last June when I was in Beijing. Just recently when I was throwing away some junk mail I found it. I thought it was pretty funny when I read it. But of course I wasn't on the receiving end of the shoe!

East Asia Economy and Trade News

According to the article, a woman was so angry with her husband after finding out he had used her money to buy stocks that she beat him viciously with one of her high heel shoes in the street in Changchun, Jilin. The man later admitted that he was addicted to stock trading and had lost money on bad investments.

Let's just hope she doesn't find out about his blogging addiction!


Tamera said...

Oh....don't even talk about this. I sit and watch my overseas investments "yo-yo", and I'm trying to stay calm, and observe. I have been doing a lot of breathing to counteract potential anxiety attacks. Cross all fingers and toes.

Tamera said...

On the other hand. Great time to invest.