Friday, October 23, 2009

Cover your Mouth and Wash Your Hands! Here comes H1 N1 and other Viruses!

Next week I'll be hitting the road again. Traveling to Canada for a few days. I'm really not looking forward to security lines, possible flight delays, and much colder weather. I've been dusting off my overcoat, gloves, and scarf and psyching myself up for the change in temps. It's been unseasonably warm out here in Cali. Today it was in the 80's and that's just fine with me. I'll take the snow and cold at Christmas time and when I'm skiing, but the rest of the year - give me warm weather please! I know. I'm a wuss. All of you guys living in colder climates forgive me as I whine......

What further complicates my travel next week and gives me cause to whine, is the perceived onslaught of the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus. At least that's what I'm hearing in the media coverage. I've had several friends who've been hit by H1N1 first hand. Fortunately, in all cases it hasn't been serious. A few days in bed and lots of rest and they were back at it. But listening to their reports, it does sound like it wipes you out pretty good when you get it.

Today I caught wind of an animation that shows what happens when you contract a virus. For all of you who loved high school or college Biology, this is going to make your mouth water. And for those of you who hated science, watch it anyway. There's no test afterwards and you can watch it as many times as you like until you understand it. (no one will know how many times you view it) The video was created by David Bolinsky and his team at XVIVO. It was nice to see that "David Bolinsky" actually has a sense of humor. See if you can catch his joke.

Follow the link to NPR

"It was interesting because we did it while he was sleeping"

A tad bit corny but he tried.

So anyway, wash your hands and cover your mouths when you sneeze. Try to keep your immune system strong by eating well and getting enough rest because you never know what's out there. And wish me luck..... I hate being sick more than I hate the cold!


Jane Turley said...

What a great video - I think it explains it really well and is ideal for children.

Wrap up well Mr I and happy travels:)

Bowie Mike said...

Wow. I feel sick just watching that video. And it's 3:30am, and I'm not in bed yet. So much for getting a good night's rest so I can be better prepared to fight off a virus.

intrepidideas said...

Hey Jane.. thanks. I'm back. I had to fly through Denver on the way home. It was colder in Denver than Canada.

Mike, I hope you've caught up on your rest. There's a mean common cold going around as well. Stay healthy!