Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creative Commercials..... Lebron James doing Kid N Play!

Wait a second, I happened to catch a State Farm insurance commercial and I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I saw Lebron James holding a Kid N Play CD in his hand and then I saw him doing the um....... Kid N Play Dance???

I had to investigate further. Was it a subliminally suggested idea or what?

Thanks to YouTube and the power of the pause button, I was able to find the commercial and correctly identify Lebron James in a commercial holding the aforementioned CD. The rest I'll leave for your viewing pleasure.

Lebron, few will question your moves on the basketball court. I'll even give you credit for looking pretty intimidating in a football uniform and concede that you'd be tough to stop as a runner or a receiver. But I don't quite get the dance act on your State Farm commercial. Don't get me wrong, you move okay. Maybe I just missed something. Your dancing didn't make me want to run out and switch my insurance to State Farm.

Let's leave the dancing to Kid N Play......

Now those guys can dance!

If you're not familiar with Kid N Play; Kid 'n Play was a hip-hop and comedy duo from New York City that was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Christopher "Kid" Reid and Christopher "Play" Martin made up the duo.

Kid and Play amicably split in 1995. Reid continued acting, guest starring in a number of television sitcoms, most notably Sister, Sister, and hosting shows such as It's Showtime at the Apollo and Your Big Break. Martin became a born-again Christian, and devoted his time to working on Christian-based hip-hop music projects. He eventually took his industry experience and founded HP4Digital Works, a multimedia company that provides pre- and post-production for film, digital, and live theater productions. Check them out at:


Bowie Mike said...

Here's a statistic for you. Lebron was only 11 when Kid N Play broke up. I got a kick out of the commercial. I thought the following was funny:

"You need to call my agent!"

I bet it's good to be Lebron.

intrepidideas said...

Oh yeah! I'm sure it's "Great" to be Lebron. I hear he might be going to the Wizards... or Lakers! :)

Summer said...

FYI I can totally rock the Kid N Play. Sixth grade dance competition. *takes a bow*

intrepidideas said...

Okay Summer... That would be fun to see. Got any footage? :) I get the feeling you can "bust a move" when you need to.

funny insurance commercials said...

Right. That commercial really isn't my favorite. Not terrible, but I have seen plenty better ones. Actually, I have written few articles about my favorite funny insurance commercials. You're welcome to read and watch them.