Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two Days of Rain! Tony Toni Tone

Somehow I missed the weather forecast. I've been busy doing my thing. Lost in my own little world. Not a lot of traveling lately but working diligently on two deals. One with a company in Canada which may or may not pan out but I'm enjoying the process. I'd heard that it could rain this week but what the heck! I didn't pay it much attention because "It never rains in Southern California!" That's what they tell me. Besides, I did some mental calculating, and I couldn't come up with the last time it has rained in my neighborhood. As best as I can remember, it sprinkled one day back in early June. Not even enough to turn on my windshield wipers in my car. So I figured the chances of rain were slim. I guess that's what I get for moving to the desert. Right?

So after 4 months of water rationing, drought, forest fires, heat, and smoke, we now get two full days of rain. Pretty heavy at times. It appears the weather people got it right this time. Not in a bad way though... I'm actually enjoying the breif change.

But I think Fall is definitely Here!

Here's a little something to listen to while you enjoy the weather in your neighborhood!

And here's a little bit of information about the group Tony Toni Tone

(pronounced Tony Tony Tony)

Tony Toni Tone, formed in 1987 in Oakland, California. They enjoyed a number of hits and good album sales for a considerable part of the nineties. The group primarily consisted of family members with brothers Dwayne and Raphael Wiggins teaming up with Cousin Timothy Christian.

The group's popularity really took off when they introduced the smash album The Revival. They became mega-stars due in part to two hit singles; the ballad ‘It Never Rains (In Southern California)' and the club dance tune 'Feels Good.'

In 1993 the group scored again with another big hit; ‘Anniversary' written by Raphael Wiggins and the bands keyboard player Carl Wheeler. It featured Gerald Albright on sax.

Somewhere around 1996 the members went on to pursue solo careers.
But that's another story to be told on another rainy day.......


Jane Turley said...

Lovely photos Mr I, I particularly like the second with the grasses - the contrast of colours,textures and the different perspectives are very pleasing to the eye:)

Jennifer said...

Boy, Tony Toni Tone takes me back! I remember their song "Feels Good" was pretty popular when I was in junior high. Ahhh, good times!

Footsteps said...

I get to use my windshield wipers a lot more than I'd like to!

intrepidideas said...

Thanks Jane, I love your description. We make a good team huh?

Good memory. Feels Good was one of their biggest hits. I don't hear it much these days on the radio.


Silly huh? Can you believe it was in the 90's out here a few days ago? It's supposed to be a rainy season out here. I'd better replace my wiper blades. :)