Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ronald Jenkees - That's How You Do It.

I don't know where I've been the past few years but I've just learned of this guy - Ronald Jenkees.

He's clearly a Youtube sensation racking up millions of views on several compilations. Jenkees supposedly began playing music at 4 years old, when he received a toy keyboard for Christmas as a gift during his stay in hospital after being diagnosed with mild autism. (This fact is contested and has not been substantiated)

Here's an excerpt from,

He learned simple melodies and played with friends. He attempted piano lessons in the seventh grade, but these were unsuccessful. Jenkees discovered how to sequence and layer music using his Yamaha keyboard, and began playing hip hop music. He joined a marching band in high school, and despite being unable to read sheet music, the band director let Jenkees create his own keyboard parts and "jam out" in state competitions. The band director encouraged Jenkees to learn to read music. (click here to read more: Ronald Jenkees)

All I can say is - Impressive finger work! Watch and listen to him in "Throwing Fire"

Jenkees independently released his first album in 2007 (Ronald Jenkees) and has recently released his second album, Disorganized Fun.


Anonymous said...

Wow--very talented. That was cool. I am resigned to jamming on my Wii and bringing out my inner rock star that way as I have no musical ability. LOL!

Anonymous said...

OMG - This man is a true inspiration to anyone who suffers from any form of Autism. Autism is an unfortunate and increasingly common affliction. People like Ronald Jenkees give us all hope. Thanks for your brilliant post!

intrepidideas said...

Sandbox - Thanks.. The more listen to this, the more I like it. It's a tad bit funky. It starts out kind of sketchy but he really turns it on halfway and by the end of the song, he's got you hooked. Very creative indeed. We'll have to stick to our Wii's huh?

Anonymous - All True! Thanks for stopping by and your comment!

Bowie Mike said...

Amazing to watch, and a great story. Yeah, a bit funky. However, I can only listen to so many "bit funky" songs like this in a row.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Jenkees doesn't have autism. Someone vandalized his wikipedia page and continues to do so.

Hopefully the blog owner will make an edit to this post.

intrepidideas said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the information.... I'll check it out.