Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Apple a Day Helps to Keep Cyberspies Away!

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When you hear the word apple do you still think of something to eat? You know, like Granny Smith, Washington, or Fuji. All delicious apples and wonderfully nutritional. I'm a big fan of apples. They're great convenient snacks and are loaded with fiber and vitamin C.

But let's talk about another kind of apple. More specifically, the company Apple. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about: Ipod, Mac and Itunes fame! I'm sure you're all familiar with these products. Well, based on these products, I offer you my Dauntless investment advice for the month. If you're wondering where your next great stock market investment idea will come from, look no further because here it is:

Wait until the end of the week and buy Apple stock! Last year about this time the stock was about $85/share. Friday it closed at $193.91. Approximately a 225% gain. Wow! If I had only put all of my money in apple last year. Whine, Whine, whine! Here's my chance again this year to capitalize and here's why I like Apple:

The Ipod, with it's accessories will continue to post profits for the company. It's trendy, it's available, and it's more reasonably priced. Count on Itunes to contribute it's fair share to the bottom line. Followed by the Iphone. But I really like what's happening in the Macintosh world. The United States Army recently endorsed the MAC product. The US Army has quietly been working to integrate Macintosh computers into its systems to make them harder to hack. That's because fewer attacks have been designed to infiltrate Mac computers, and adding more Macs to the military's computer mix makes it tougher to destabilize a group of military computers with a single attack. (See Forbs) So by diversifying their platforms the Army will ultimately have a more secure environment. And look for corporate America to follow this lead. Many of the defense sector companies will emulate this strategy. This equates to more Mac's selling off the shelves. And that means bigger profits for Apple and upward movement in the stock price.

So buy some Apple shares and hopefully one year from now we'll be sitting around with extra goodies in our stockings!



Bennie said...

Ummmmmmm, I'll just stick to the edible kind of in fuji-:)

marlowjust said...

That's interesting and a good idea to diversify a computer network. Have you purchased the stock yet this year? Good luck with it and hope it works out!

intrepidideas said...

Bennie, I see you've been quite busy. Thanks for your comments. I'll look forward to seeing you around.

intrepidideas said...


Yeah, I think that's a great idea to diversify your network. It can be quite devastating with all of your computes down. On the Apple thing-
I've owned Apple off and on throughut the year. I plan to watch it this next week and buy on the dips. Wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by.

Mee mOe said...

I believe it, Apple Computers are a great investment and out running everyone, just wish I had some money to invest, I really looked into this too...Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays !!!

josey said...

i actually prefer galas or honeycrisp apples ;) LOL!!

hey tho, this is great advice!! i'll have to mention it to hubby...but then he might be sad he bought me another brand of mp3 player for Christmas. oopsie! haha! ;)