Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sad But True.....

When will the writer's strike be over? Is there a possible end in site? I've purposefully avoided blogging about the writer's strike but I certainly can't avoid the reality of the issue. It seems every day now since I've been back in LA I have some immediate reminder of the truth. And the truth is: Many lives will be affected economically, emotionally, and permanently. This is clear to me as I watch the masses walk the picket lines rain or shine. I suppose in my own little Utopian mind I long for a society and job market where management would treat labor with dignity and respect and compensate them fairly for work done. In return, labor would respond with loyalty, dedication, commitment to duty, and provide a fair days work for fair pay. Having been a past victim of management's ruthless and "criminal" pillaging of my pay, benefits, and retirement; I've unfortunately resigned myself to the belief that in some cases unions are necessary. I came across this video in the chambers of "Youtubia" and noticed the widespread irony in it. Please watch:

There's lots of irony here but I've highlighted the following:

  1. This guy tries to show how clever "he is" by making fun of comedy writers.
  2. He is a comedy writer and really isn't funny at all.
  3. The stress and pressure of this strike will end many relationships.
  4. Not all comedy writers are men.
  5. This guy is a boob and annoys his wife and it has nothing to do with the strike. Their relationship survives merely because she gets a scheduled break from him.

You would think that with all of his time off he could really come up with something funny! Not!

Well, let's hope for a quick and fair settlement. I hear from my sources that there's a producer's settlement proposal on the table.

Expect to hear more in the upcoming days.

2 comments: said...

Settlement for what? The strike or the divorce?

intrepidideas said...

Hey Belly... You're not just a talented blogger and dancer. You're funny too! Thanks for the comment!