Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Got a Secret to Share?

What is it about the word SECRET that fascinates most people? Is it curiosity? Or is it just being nosey? As soon as most people hear the word secret, something clicks in their brain that says - "Gotta Know." Their ears perk up and they become incredibly alert. And then as soon as they know that secret, something clicks in their heads that says - " Gotta Tell." That's when they start salivating and looking around for someone to share the juicy gossip with. And what if they see something that says - Top Secret? That's when the ante gets raised and they'll do whatever to learn that secret. Just think about it. What's the first thing you do when someone near your starts whispering? You try to listen in right? I know I do. And what happens when everyone knows a secret except you? Do you feel dejected, let down, ignored and betrayed? Sure!

But what happens when the secret is about you? Some people will guard their personal secrets with their lives. Others, seek a trusted friend to share it with. That's when the cycle starts. (Learn a secret - Tell a secret - Tell it again) That trusted friend calls another trusted friend and says: "Guess what? First - You promise not to tell anyone? Cross your heart? You're not going to believe this but..... " Yeah, you know the rest.

Interestingly, there's a group of people who are finding it relieving and therapeutic to post their secrets to the world anonymously. They do this by sending a postcard with their secret to Frank Warren. He then posts the "secret" in his Blog. Many of you have stumbled through this Blog: PostSecret -http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ I know this is one of the most popular Blogs for the year and many of you have already explored this territory. I certainly don't mean to be repetitive but what do you think?

I found it captivating. A somewhat bizarre mixture of truth, reality, art, and creativity. I was intrigued by they amount time and effort some of these people spent creating the artwork to accompany their secret. And ultimately, I couldn't help but think about which, if any, secrets I'd share with the world anonymously.

See the Today show interview with Frank Warren for a broader understanding.

‘A Lifetime of Secrets’ shared
‘A Lifetime of Secrets’ shared

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

I don't know if I have any major secrets, but I'm sure we "all" could come up with a few by reflecting into our past experiences. Interesting topic. I'll put my mind to work on this one!

Hello from "Speedcat Hollydale" :-)

Intrepid said...

Hey Speedcat,
Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I think we all have something that's secret. Some more insignificant than others. I'd bet you're sitting on something really good. Come on... Tell us!

Regina said...

That is very wierd. I am not sure if I want to even go check out that site. I don't much care about other people's personal issues but people in general are attracked to other people's crap so I know that has to be a smoking hot site!

Jack Payne said...

The word, secret, is still one of the magic words of the advertising community.

It holds out the pretense that you are on the verge of discovery, if ONLY you will give in to any advertising pitch offering the pathway, to learning the "secret."