Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Big Brother is Watching

George Orwell's "1984" is here. A few years late but here all the same. Yeah, we joke around with each other and laugh about how "Big Brother" is watching our every move. But for John Halpin, a supervising carpenter for the New York City school system, George Orwell's fantasy is all too real. Mr. Halpin was fired from his job for falsifying documents and not being where he should have been and said he was. It seems the New York school system was tracking his movements with a GPS receiver built into his employer-provided cell phone. Snap! - Go Figure! Imagine walking around showing off your new I-phone, blackberry, razor, or some other cool cell phone to all of your friends. And bragging about how your employer supplied it and pays the bills. Only to have that same cool device get you fired and maybe even get you prosecuted for fraud. Not a fun day at the office.

More and more technology is becoming a key instrument in solving crimes and enforcing the law. I'm very sensitive now to security cameras in stores, elevators, airports, and other public places. I wonder just how many bored security officers have watched me pick my nose or scratch my rear end when I thought no one was looking. And just yesterday I sped through an intersection as the traffic light changed from yellow to red. I fearfully awaited the dreaded flash; the tell-tell sign that the traffic camera had snapped me and documented my miscalculation. Fortunately, I didn't see one. I guess now I'll have to be a bit cautious about where and when I take my cell phone. Anyone could be monitoring my location. So for all of you out there who will receive a brand new cell phone from your wife, husband, boy friend, or girlfriend as a Christmas gift this year. Beware! Big Brother may be watching you!

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josey said...

wow, that is really freaky. LOL. i mean, i know technology is much more sophisticated than even the average american knows about...but wow!

i suppose at least in some ways the "big brother" devices keep those who are most dishonest a little more honest...;) hehe. then again, its bad enough we have to work for someone else and its annoying to feel like we're Truman or something! LOL!

by the way, if you'd like to play along, i've tagged you for a meme! feel free to do it anytime! no hurry :) AND no worries if you choose not to play. ;) LOL.