Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Still Bored?

Try these interactive online mystery games>

Are you a CSI Fan? Nancy Drew reader? Murder She Wrote watcher? Do you enjoy playing the game Clue? Maybe you're just a strait-up mystery buff who thinks you can solve any mystery? Perhaps you're just bored with nothing to do but surf the web and you somehow stumbled here. When I was a kid I fell in love with the book series: Encyclopedia Brown by Donald J. Sobol.

see more about the book here

In the book series, the writer takes you through a series of scenarios and provides you with just enough clues to solve the case. You as the reader had to be astute enough to figure it out. By the way, in the book I read, the answers were in the back. Of course, I never looked before I had it figured out....

Anyway, if you fancy yourself a Sherlock Holmes type, get your thinking cap on and sit down and study these cases:

These are links to two types of interactive play. Follow the links to get started.

  • Solve the Murder Game - You play the investigator and go to the crime scenes, interview witnesses, and collect evidence to help you solve the murder.

  • Murder in Suburbia, the interactive play - You are a character in a story. Someone dies and then you have to decide who the killer is. This plays more like a murder mystery dinner game.

I hope you had fun with these and the exercise got some of the cobwebs out of your head. It's nice to use your brain once in a while huh? One year, while on vacation with about 4 couples, we bought a dinner mystery game and played. We all picked our characters and dressed and acted out our roles. It was an entertaining way to spend the evening.

Have Fun.


josey said...

awww man, i LOVE encyclopedia brown and nancy drew!!! in fact, this summer i went on ebay and bought almost all the nancy drew computer games out there. ;) LOL! they were SO FUN and VERY challenging. i had pages of handwritten notes. no kidding!

i grew up reading mostly encyclopedia brown tho, and a little of the hardy boys. good times--good memories!

i'll check out the games you linked, too :)

intrepidideas said...

Great... So how are the Nancy Drew computer games. I bought one for a gift two months ago. It seemed like a fun game. It was the White Wolf game. Do you have it?

Cassandra said...

I love Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew!! Thanks for sharing the links--hopefully, I won't get fired for playing them at work!!

josey said...

hey intrepid :)

nope, i dont have that one--i see it was a new one this summer. i think i got all my nancy drew games before that one came out! hmmm...guess maybe i'll see if i can add it to my list from Santa. ;) hehe!

but, im sure its awesome...all the rest of the ones i've played have been a blast. :)

intrepidideas said...

Hey Cassandra, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment. Please Don't get Fired.. It's not worth it... LOL. Come back and see me again.

intrepidideas said...

Josey, You know I'm good friends with the big guy. You want me to tell him to stick one in your stocking?

Clue Game Fan said...

Nice ideas, thanks!

intrepidideas said...

You're welcome Clue Game Fan... Have Fun.