Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Epilog!

Well, the Christmas rush is over. Santa has come and gone. Bah Humbug!

It was a fun day at my house! Lots of new and fun experiences. Santa brought me some new toys - electronic devices- clothes, golf balls, and a ton of gift cards. All in all it was a good. Most importantly, I was happy to be home spending quality time with friends and family. I indulged (perhaps over-indulged) myself in some great food and wine. I'll be blogging later about some great crab cakes we had on Christmas day.... And let's not talk about my endless snacking on cookies, candy and ham. I'll be paying for my excursions in the gym in the next few weeks. Did anyone else run across any good recipes?

On a different note, after only a few small challenges, a Nintendo Wii showed up under our tree. (see my prior Wii posts: (Xbox vs Wii, and The Wii ) I managed to get that set up without too much trouble. Lots of fun followed. I'll be looking to post a review on the operation of the system later.

I really do love Christmas! I'm a big fan of all of the season all together. I love the food the lights, the movies, and the spirit. I love the excitement you see in young kids. It's truly a magical time. Unfortunately, it has to end. And the bills have to be paid! I'll be traveling to Japan tomorrow for a short trip.

I'll look forward to getting some rest on the flight over and a few quiet nights in the hotel.

More to come.....


Mee mOe said...

and here comes Easter...and Valentines day, it all starts over...happy New Year !!!

intrepidideas said...

That is so true. And sometime in between it all, I hope to have another birthday. Thanks for the note Mee Moe. It's nice to see you again. Happy New Year to you as well.

josey said...

hey, intrepid! so what fun games did you get with the Wii? i've yet to play one. i've heard it rocks tho :D

so you're off to japan, huh? i know its a secret, but i'd love to know what you do during all that traveling! hehe!!

i hope you were able to be home for the new year. and either way, merry merry new year to you--i wish you good health, peace, and strength to reach your goals for 2008!

intrepidideas said...

Hey Josey, What's up? Quite a few games came with the Wii: Several Mario games, a Shrek game, Chicken Little and a few more. Thanks for the New Years wish. I'm trying to catch up... Wow! I'll visit you soon.

Jane Turley said...

What more food??? Blimey, I thought I was obsessed by it but you take it to a different level entirely!
I'm quite good at Wii tennis what about you?