Monday, December 3, 2007

Lakers Vs Magic

Hey, I got lucky last night and got to watch the Lakers in person as they unfortunately, fell to the Magic 104 -97. Thanks to a good friend, I scored some really good seats for the show. And when I say show, I mean LA's usual parade of stars along with the basketball game. At times, the fans seemed more interested in some of the celebrity attendees, like: Lindsey Lohan, Venus Williams, and Jack Nicholson, than the action on the floor.

Kobe's 28 points just wasn't good enough to make the win happen. The Lakers put up a great fight and pulled ahead 73-70 in the third quarter. Hedo Turkoglu (pictured below left- number 15) turned things around and started a 9-0 run when he hit a 3-pointer. There was no turning back from that run as the Magic stayed ahead for the win.

Despite the loss, it was a fun night out. I've been a huge Derek Fisher fan since I met him in person and got the chance to smack a few golf balls with him at a golf tournament a few years back. He exudes quality. I'm happy he's back in town. I enjoyed watching him do his thing on the court in spite of the loss.

Additionally, I got the chance to eat some marginal food, drink adequate beer, (expensive may I add) and take lots of pictures. Wow! All in all it was a good night!


Jane Turley said...

Oh Mr I that is so you..."marginal beer" and "adequate food!" Oh, how terribly, terribly common! Shame, shame on them for not having prawn cocktail starters at the very least!

I am only too grateful that you are most unlikely to be on the receiving end of my burnt offerings. The mere thought of your descriptions makes me quiver in sheer fright!

intrepidideas said...

Miss Jane, We've known each other for so long I thought you could appreciate my sarcasm. I bet your cooking is better than you let on. (Ha, ha...) I see you've changed your picture. Does that mean you're no longer in the toilet? Thanks for the comment. You're on a quest no doubt!

Jane Turley said...

I'm am expert in the sarcasm stakes Mr I! Didn't you know?

My cooking is pretty bad but I can do about six edible dishes incluidng chocolate covered flapjack which ain't too difficult!(Hey have you read my cooking blog; I think you'll like it!)

I've done all the loo jokes and anyway a jester is more me don't you think? And nobody knows what's going on underneath. Hmm.. just remembered I had a momentarily relapse and posted my picture some time ago. Ah well, cover blown.
Now what quest is that? To read all your blogs? Well, you're an interesting guy and I like interesting people. Learning about people is fascinating don't you think?
Red wine tonight, hence the long ramble...