Saturday, December 29, 2007


Sayōnara is Japanese for 'goodbye'.

Sayonara is also a 1957 film which tells the story of an American Air Force flier who was a fighter "Ace" during the Korean War. In this version, Major "Ace" Gruver, played by Marlon Brando falls in love with a Japanese entertainer. Their relationship is strained by what I call "Characteristic racism" of the time. Several tragedies ensue. There is passion, action, good acting plus a whole lot more. And in the end, Marlon Brando closes with a classic "Brandoesque" line that virtually trumps all the prior dialog....... When asked by a Stars and Stripes reporter -what should he say to the Japanese government and United States senior military personnel? Brando replies:

"Tell them I said 'Sayonara."

I'm sure my brief summary of this movie did not do it justice. This movie by the way, was nominated for several academy awards. Brando, while nominated, did not take one home. Red Buttons and Miyoshi Umeki, however, each walked away with a respective Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role. There were also awards for Art Direction and Sound. How about that? Probably worth a look if you're into classic movies and have got a few hours to kill.

Trying not to bore you with mindless trivia and to segue into my own experiences.......... After an exhaustive Christmas holiday, I traveled to Japan on a quick trip. My goal was to get there and get home. And somewhere in the process- catch up on some rest. My plan went like clockwork. I caught a good nap on the way over. And found some time to relax during my downtime in Japan. Fortunately for me it rained. So I didn't feel guilty for hanging out in the hotel. I did manage to get a few good workouts in and dine at one of my favorite Japanese noodle bars. I had the chili-pepper noodles. They were delicious! I also got a chance to chill and watch the epic movie Casino (for the third time) - it was playing on television. Furthermore, I discovered that this could be my last trip to Japan for the foreseeable future. So when asked "what should we say to your associates in Japan?" I said:

"Tell them Sayonara for me!"

And like MacArthur, "I'm sure I will return."

For more on the movie, click here: to see additional reviews by movie critic Christopher Null.


josey said...

this was a great post! sometimes i feel i'm too young to truly appreciate actors like marlon brando. of course i know who he is, but i'm not super familiar with some of his best films.

i'm gonna tell hubby we need to rent this one! =) he's probably seen it, but i'm sure he wont mind watching again.

glad your japan trip was quick and painless, too!

intrepidideas said...

Thanks Josey. Marlon Brando had quite a few great films including: Godfather, Streetcar named Desire, and On the Waterfront. I also liked Mutiny on the Bounty and One Eyed Jacks. Take your pick... There's something for everyone. Enjoy and let me know what you think when you get the chance to see one.


Jane Turley said...

You know Mr I, I'm rather getting the impression you like food; the subject seems to crop up rather frequently! Now what's your waist size or is that too personal a question??