Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Walking your dog? Watch where you step!

That brown mushy thing on the ground might just be worth a few million!   Well, not exactly what you were thinking huh? Yes, trending today in California is the story about one Northern California couple who just happened to be out out walking their dog on their property in California's Gold Country last year when they spotted something unusual on the ground.  They were on a trail they had walked nearly every day for years and they spotted a partially buried can and decided to pry it out of the earth with a help of a nearby stick.

"The can was unusually heavy, but nothing could have prepared them for what they would find when they pried the lid open: mixed in with dirt and stones, they could see the edges of numerous U.S. $20 gold pieces—a literal pot of gold!" an announcement from a Tiburon rare-coin agency representing the couple said Tuesday.Upon discovering the gold, the couple headed back out to the site to see if lightning could strike twice-- and it did, seven more times.  follow the link to see full story:  click here

What a story huh?  I'm sure the wheels are turning in your head right now wondering if there's a pot of gold buried in your back yard.  I think this story pulls at the many fantastical strings that many of us carry around.  This story tugs at visions of historical discovery, instant wealth, mystery, and for some the idea that this story is just simply too good to be true!  I happen to like it for all those reasons.  

Makes me wonder about all of those old rusty cans that I never bothered to explore while out walking and hiking.

Good luck out there......